Alzheimer GPS tracker
alzheimer gps tracker
Alzheimer GPS tracker

Alzheimer GPS tracker: A rescue for Alzheimers


The Alzheimer GPS tracker comes with a smartphone inside the insole of a shoe that makes use of GPS technology. It needs a service plan for operation.

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The Alzheimer GPS tracker is a unique product which the caregivers can get for the Alzheimer patients in their home. It comes with a smartphone inside the insole of a shoe that makes use of GPS technology. Just as your cell phone needs a service plan, so does the Alzheimer GPS tracker. It is operational in the areas with network coverage.

With the GPS for Alzheimer’s patients, you don’t have to worry if your loved ones remember to carry it with them every time. There is automatic logging of the location every time through the GPS SmartSole. It ensures complete safety and makes Alzheimer patients independent.

Mode of operation of Alzheimer GPS tracker:

This device is known to operate in the following ways:

1. Frequent update of location

With the help of cellular data, the device updates the location after every 5 or 10 minutes. It sends this information to the GTX Corp Monitoring System.

2.GTX Corp Monitoring

SmartLocator app helps in finding the location data of your loved ones. Caregivers can get the location through the use of online account also.alzheimer gps tracker

3. Receiving alerts

You can stay alert as the geozone alerts are sent in the form of an email as well as a text message through the monitoring system. Thus, you stay updated about the latest location of the person.

Features of Alzheimer GPS tracker

The features if this device are:

1. Ease of online tracking using any device:

You can view the location history of your beloved ones, on your smartphone, tablet, or even your laptop. This doesn’t need any new software installation as you need to login to your account using GTX Monitoring Portal.

2. Spotting the exact location:

The pins present on the map mark the trail because of which you can view, the movement of GPS SmartSole. You can know if the person has stopped or is moving in some direction along with the updated time

3. Allowing multiple caregivers the login credentials of GTX Corp Monitoring Portal:

This will enable all the caregivers to login at the same time. Thus you can protect your loved ones all the time through consistent monitoring.

4. SmartLocator App:

You can get the streamlined format location updates using the SmartLocator App.

Reliability of GPS for Alzheimer patients :

Alzheimer GPS tracker makes use of thinnest GRS tracker. It is made in such a way that the small device with its battery can fit into the shoes easily. A 2G cellular device won’t require a lot of space, therefore it is used instead of 3G.
You need to test the coverage of the device by using it in your area as the t-Mobile has no map related to the 2G network’s coverage area. There is also return policy in case you find that there is not enough coverage after using it. So, from this point of view, it is quite reliable and caregivers must get it to safeguard their loved ones.


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