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Amazon Echo Show (2nd Generation)


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An upgrade to Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Show 2nd generation is an embodiment of modern functionalities and aesthetic appeal. From premium speakers to high-end entertainment and companionship, the Echo Show features a wide range of functions that make it a good smart speaker for seniors.

  • Whether the end-user is a lover of prime video content or a music fan, there’s always an entertaining feature for everyone. There’s no limit to how much fun the elderly can have, any time of the day or night, with just a single voice command, to Alexa.

Top Features of the Amazon Echo Show:

  • The Amazon echo show 2nd generation comes with improved features to make life easier for seniors. Some of these features are:
  • A bigger 10.1″ HD screen – A wider screen to give a better viewing experience for the elderly. Time to see the action from a bigger perspective
  • Premium speakers with Dolby processing – get the user a better, more resonating sound experience, letting you get into the very mood of the music, enjoying it the way it should be enjoyed.
  • Alexa speech support – the elderly get to talk to Alexa on Amazon Echo and ask for tasks to be done. Ask Alexa to see lyrics and album art with Amazon Music. Request for info on weather forecasts, to-do lists, calendars and get your favorite playlist.
  • Effortless video streaming – The best kinds of videos at a single click. From Prime Video, award-winning movies and music videos, the user gets to watch whatever is needed in a short time.
  • Video calls – premium video call experience to whoever, at any time. There’s nothing like a good quality video call with a loved one, and the Amazon Echo show 2nd generation, you get a quality experience with Skype, the Alexa app, an Echo Spot, or Echo Show.
  • Kitchen companionship – A new, friendly and helpful kitchen companion that helps you with recipes videos, alarm and timer setting, and addition to shopping lists.
  • Top privacy protection – A better security system for you to better secure your information. Multiple layers of protection to protect against attacks, including a camera and microphone switch, electronically disconnecting them from the Amazon Echo show system.
  • Self-learning and much more – Alexa on Amazon Echo keeps learning more to figure out new ways to be of help to the elderly, making life easier and more comfortable.


What you can get with the Echo Show

With the Echo show 2nd generation, you have a better chance of giving care to seniors than in the past. There are now high-end functionalities at your fingertips, waiting to provide fun and kill boredom for the elderly. It is only better if you know exactly what they will get:

  • Better entertainment and fun, by better access to songs, movies, movie videos and many more. That will go a long way in cheering spirits and creating a fun-filled experience as the day goes on.
  • Improved relationships between seniors and their loved ones. With the echo show 2nd generation easier access to high-end communication tools, the elderly ones can now have real-time chats and video calls with their loved ones and improve their relationships which in turn benefits their general echo show voice speaker for seniors
  • Security of data and personal information. Fraudsters and scammers find it easy to break into digital devices of seniors and make use of their identity or financial information. With the Amazon echo show, they will have a hard time breaking in. Through an impressive layer of protection for all levels of data, your loved ones’ information is safe.
  • Learning, learning and more learning. In the best comfortable way possible, the Amazon Echo show helps seniors learn more every day. From kitchen recipes to current information about world happenings, there will be an easy flow of information, which has been proven to maintain the mental health and stability of seniors.

There are other features along the way not mentioned above – they come as you get to use them. Taking care of our loved ones is getting easier and more fun. Taking advantage of such opportunities not only benefit the elderly, but it also shows you really care about them. Keep up the good work!


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