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Chipolo Tracker: a must-buy for seniors and care-givers


Chipolo Tracker is an amazing tracking device for your wallet and other essential belongings in case you have misplaced or lost them.

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Chipolo Tracker is an amazing bluetooth key finder as well as a tracking device for wallets, keys, and other essential belongings. Whenever your loved-one misplaces something, they take a lot of time searching for the lost items. They become quite worrisome when they misplace their items and do not have the wherewithall to find them. Here is when this bluetooth tracking device for wallets, keys, phones etc. comes to the rescue.

How to use Chipolo Tracker?

The following simple steps enumerate ways to use the Chipolo tracking device for the wallet:

1. Attach the device to the wallet. Download the free Chipolo app and connect it with the device.chipolo tracking device for wallet

2. Double pressing the Chipolo enables the ringing of your phone, which works even when your phone is silent.

3. The app keeps the information about the items and thus helps in finding them easily when they are misplaced.

Working of Chipolo Tracker:

This tracker connects with the smartphone in order to find the things which you have lost or misplaced. Ring them or else find their location on the map to locate them quickly without wasting a lot of time.
In case you want to share the device with your beloved ones, do it by sharing the Chipolo Tracker with their Chipolo account. This will let you both use this tracking device.

Features of Chipolo Tracker:

The characteristic features of this tracking device for the wallet which provides you numerous benefits are enumerated below:

1. Using the website app:

If the Chipolo Trackers are not around and you are searching for your phone, you need to log on to the Chipolo website. This will help you find its location. It will cause the phone to ring or send a message to the lock screen so that anyone coming near it can find it.

2. Replaceable battery:

The Chipolo comes with a battery which you can replace when it gets low. Thus you can use it for many years without having to buy a new device.

3. Using the Chipolo Tracker app:

When you are within the 200ft, i.e the Bluetooth range, you can easily connect the Chipolo Tracker app. On clicking the green Ring button, the Chipolo which has been connected to the item will begin ringing.
Suppose you are outside the Bluetooth range, you need to check the map in the app to find the last location of the item.

4. Finding the phone:

If you double click the Chipolo when you are in the Bluetooth range, you can find your phone ringing, even when it is silent. The ringing will stop once you double click the Chipolo phone finder again or swipe away the notification regarding the same.

5. Controlling Chipolo Tracker through your voice:

This is possible as you can tell the voice assistant devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri to find your lost item

6. Seeking help from the community to find any lost item:

When you chose the “Mark as Lost” option, the active users of the Chipolo community anonymously help you in getting your lost item. Anyone with the Chipolo app comes near your item, you will get a notification about the latest location and thus get it easily.

7. Taking a selfie:

A Chipolo connected phone acts as a selfie stick. Till your Bluetooth connectivity is active, it will work as a remote camera shutter.

10. Sharing the Chipolo tracker and phone:

You can share this tracking device for a wallet with multiple Chipolo users and thus they can find the item that is misplaced such as the car keys, TV remote, etc. Similarly, suppose you have misplaced your cell phone and your Chipolo is also not nearby, use another’s person’s Chipolo app for tracking its location or making it ring.
With the help of the internal GPS of your phone, the Chipolo app can locate it. Thus, it reduces the dependency on Bluetooth.

11. Altering the settings of Chipolo:

This includes changing its name, icon, as well as a ringtone when you are using more than one Chipolo. It will help you watch them all simultaneously. Besides this, you can name the common locations where you are at, such as home, office, etc. for convenience.

12. Widget:

You can set up the Chipolo app as a widget in your phone for direct access from the home screen.

13.Notifications related to in range and out of range:

This functionality helps in preventing you from forgetting something that is important before you move too far away from it. The perfect example of this is your wallet or purse. In the settings, you can activate the notifications separately. Similarly, you can set the quiet zones when you are at your office. This will prevent it from ringing every time when you move away from your key or some other important items

14. Web app:

This helps you in finding the last location of your items and even your phone when you have misplaced it.

15. Compatibility:

This tracking device is compatible on iOS 10 and above as well as Android 4.4.2 and above.


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