Cube Tracker
Cube Tracker

Cube Tracker:The smallest and smartest tracking device


Cube Tracker is a device that helps in easily finding the things that are lost. You can use this Bluetooth tracker through an app to quickly find the items.

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Cube Tracker is a device that helps your loved-ones find anything they lose. Keys, remote control, wallet, and more. Operation of this Bluetooth tracker is done through the Cube app which is available in iOS and Android. It comes with a simple yet beautiful design of matte coated rubber design which is suitable for fitness as well as outdoor gears. Cube Pro and Cube Shadow eliminate you from worrying about you or your loved-ones from losing anything in your home.

Using the Cube Tracker:

To use the Cube, follow these simple steps:

1. Fasten the Cube Tracker to any important items such as keys, purse, wallet, remote control, etc.cube tracker

2. To locate a lost item, use the Cube app on your cellphone to ping the Cube device. The device will emit a high volume sound which will enable you to locate the lost item.

3. If you lost your cellphone, you can use the Cube device to make your cellphone ring.

Variants of Cube Tracker:

There are 2 variants of Cube Tracker available in the market, which are as follows:

A. Cube Pro

This is a sleek model with metallic design. It comes with better range and higher volume. It has a replaceable battery which makes it usable for many years. You can pair it through Bluetooth to track your smartphone, purse, keys or anything that is important.

Features of Cube Pro:

This Cube Tracker comes with the following features:

1. Bluetooth range and volume:

It has a Bluetooth tracker with range of 200ft and has twice more volume than the previous models.

2. Uses GPS for noting the last location of the phone:

It makes use of Bluetooth to track things. Besides this, it notes down the last known location from the cell phone GPS.

This is useful when the Cube is out of range.

3. Help from the community in case the Cube is out of range:

The community acts as the search party in this case. When a person having the app comes near the lost Cube, you will immediately get the update regarding its location.

4. Operates on a replaceable battery:

This CR2025 battery-operated device lasts for almost a year because of which, you do not have to charge or replace it frequently.

5. Find your lost phone with it:

Using the Cube Pro, it is possible to locate your cell phone through a flash, vibration or audible tone. This works even when the phone is silent or the app is not active.

6. Find location on the map:

This tracking device lets you view the last location of the Cube on the map with the help of Bluetooth. This can be done just by clicking the find so that the Cube starts ringing. There is a separation alarm which provides you a notification when you have left something. You can easily turn this on through the app.

7. Durable model:

This model has a metallic design with high durability as well as an excellent style. It has a very good performance as it can hold numerous applications.

8. Waterproof device:

Since this is an IP67 rated device, it won’t be affected in case of water spills on it till a meter deep for 30 minutes. Thus you can easily carry with you in the rainy season while going.

B. Cube Shadow

This is an ultra-thin Bluetooth tracker that can be kept in the wallet, stuck to the tablet, laptop or any such important items. It comes with a rechargeable battery. Using it is quite simple by pairing it with the Bluetooth to track your essential items.

Features of Cube Shadow:

The features of this device are the same as that of the Cube Pro with some differences which we will see in the following section:

1. Long battery life:

It has a rechargeable battery which eliminates the need for replacing it. Once charged, you do not have to worry about the next 2 months. You get a USB charger with it for this purpose.

2. Ultra sleek design:

It has a thickness of 2mm only because of which you can attach the device you your important items. This may be your kindle, laptop, passport, etc. as ut has adhesive pads included in it.


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