Dome Smart Leak Detector and Flood Sensor


The Dome Smart Leak Detector, part of the Dome Home Automation Leak System, is built to help you prevent leaks in your home. Place the sensors in areas where leaks can happen (underneath the sink, around a bathtub, or near the basin pipes).

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Leaks are frustrating and could prove to be life-threatening for seniors. The Dome Smart Leak Detector, part of the Dome Home Automation Leak System, is built to help you prevent leaks in your home. Easy to install and use, it takes the hassle out of your work and provide peace of mind even when you are miles away from home.

You have to place the sensors in areas where leaks can happen, like underneath the sink or near the basin pipes. The sensors will sense the moisture in case of a leak and will act accordingly to prevent further damages. This includes notifying you via a notification in your smart home system.

The main advantage of buying this flood detector is its reach. Its sensor’s reach can extend up to 4 feet and can sense unreachable areas like the sump pump pits. Moreover, it’s small in size. Measuring just 2.625 by 2.625 by 1.125 inches, the sensor will not take too much of a space and can fit into any size and monitor.

The Dome Leak sensor is part of the Z Wave Products. So it is equipped with a Z-Wave Certified Hub which enables you to set up trigger sirens and custom automation. This way, your elders get notified, thus averting a probable accident. If you want complete automation, then use it with Dome Water Main Shut Off and the water supply will be cut off once leakage is detected.

Dome Smart Leak Detector Features

The electronic leak detector from Dome comes loaded with tons of features that will make your life easier as a caretaker. Here are some of the most important features of this product:

  • Wireless

This is a completely wireless water sensor that doesn’t require any cable or plugs to work together. The Extra-long Z-wave wireless range which covers 150 feet means it can connect itself to any device within that range. So free yourself from the hassle of adjusting, cutting, assembling the wires. Just plug and play.

  • Siren alarm system

Siren so loud even the elders can hear it loud. Besides sending a notification to your smart home system, this infodome electronic leak detector under sinkrms everyone at home about the leak. This provides better security to the elders if they are at home alone.

  • Auto shut off valve

When the leak happens, you can auto-program this electronic leak sensor to shut off the value on its own. This autonomy is beneficial since every second is crucial in curbing the leakage.

  • Long battery life

Install once and don’t worry for 3 years. It can run without recharge for three straight years.

  • Water-resistant and one-year warranty period

This wireless water sensor is coated with a water-resistant material. This makes it rust-free and durable. The one-year warranty period backs it up.



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