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Door sensor and window sensor for the safety of your loved ones

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Door sensors and window sensors of SkylinkNet are smart devices that alert you whenever the doors/windows of the home are opened/closed.

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Door sensor and window sensor of SkylinkNet enable people to ensure smart home protection. It comes with a reasonable price that makes it affordable for everyone. You can conveniently make use of the SkylinkNet app for remotely arming or disarming the alarm system.

You get an alarm with the trigger of any sensor irrespective of your location, in the home or far away from it. It doesn’t charge anything extra for these features. The best part about it is that you get excellent expandability of 100 wireless sensors or controllers and 10 wireless cameras with it.

Features of Skylink Door sensor or window sensor:

You get the following features on installing the wireless window or door sensor in your home:

1. Whenever anyone opens a door or a window, you will get an immediate alert regarding it.
2. With the SkylinkNet Wireless Alarm System, it has good compatibility.
3. It is quite convenient to use as well as carry, owing to its wireless nature.
4. The doors and windows are monitored with the open or close signal.
5. It runs on a battery and provides notification whenever there is a low battery.

Advantages of using Skylink door sensor and window sensors:

Here are the advantages of using this product:

1. Notification regarding opening or closing of a door or window is enabled simply through your phone.

2. It has a small size of 2.5″ L x 1.5″ W x 0.75″ H, which is only 50 grams. This makes it portable. Mounting it is quite easy and can be done with a double-sided tape conveniently.

3. The cabinets and safes are the internal doors that need maximum protection. In such cases also, the door sensor can monitor its closing and opening.

4. You just need to install the SkylinkNet App which will provide you the push notifications to ensure safety.

5. Its 600-foot wireless range along with up to 300 feet range from the Internet Hub is quite impressive.

6. It makes use of a AAA long-lasting battery that prevents your dependability on electricity for operating the window sensor or door sensor.

7. It has FCC, CE, IC certifications.

8. It is compatible with Internet Hub (HU-100), Main Console (M-1).

9. Since no complex wiring is involved, it doesn’t need any special installation skills. So, even the caregivers and seniors can install it easily for complete protection.

What will you get with the Skylink window and door sensor?

Here are the items included in the product:

1. Window or  door Sensor, but the AAA battery is not included and you need to get it separately
2. Materials needed for mounting the product
3. A user manual to guide you in case you come across any doubt while installing or using the product.


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