Ecobee room sensors
ecobee room sensors

Ecobee Room Sensors- comfort for loved-ones throughout the home


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Automated Home Climate Control is more than just adjusting the temperature. It means ‘save energy, save money’. There are tons of smart thermostats out there that are energy saving, easy to install, and customizable. And, Ecobee Wi-Fi thermostat continues to top the list of best smart thermostats. A big reason Ecobee lineup comes out on top is thanks to its room sensors. The Ecobee room sensors detect both occupancy and temperature

Adding Ecobee smart sensors is a great way to ensure that you have balanced temperatures throughout your home to ensure loved-ones and care-recipients are comfortable regardless of where they are in the home . Install sensors in rooms that run too cold or too hot and access the readings remotely with the web portal or the companion app.

Ecobee smart sensors are compatible with smart thermostat with voice control, Ecobee 3, Ecobee3 Lite and Ecobee4. If you decide to upgrade thermostats, you can easily unpair these sensors and pair them to the new thermostat.thermostat with remote sensor

Ecobee Room Sensors – Technical Specifications:

Occupancy and Temperature Detection:

Not only do Ecobee smart sensors detect temperature, but they also act as motion sensors so they can tell when a care-recipient is in the room. The motion sensors are passive infrared sensors. This means they use infrared radiation your body gives off as a means of detecting occupancy/motion, and therefore function regardless of light or dark.

Another important thing to note is that occupancy detection is based on a person’s continued presence within the Ecobee smart sensor’s viewing angle – not merely motion detection. In other words, the more time one spends in front of the sensor, the more weight the thermostat assigns to that sensor’s readings.

You can also read the temperature of different rooms simply by pairing the Ecobee room sensors with Ecobee smart thermostat.


Ecobee room sensors use 915MHz radio waves for secure, energy-efficient communication with the Ecobee thermostat. Though the sensors have a maximum communication range of 45 feet, physical barriers such as thick walls and floors may lower their efficiency. Keep in mind that other devices working on 915MHz frequency (for example baby monitor or cordless phones) can shorten the range.

If you install Ecobee remote sensors too far from the thermostat, they become unreliable or show faulty readings. In order to ensure proper communication between sensors and thermostat, you should place sensors within the advertised range.

Viewing angle:

The Ecobee room sensors have a horizontal range of about 120 degrees and a vertical range of about 25-30 degrees. Plus, they can detect motion up to 15 feet. An important thing to note here is that the sensors will not get triggered by every tiny motion in the room.

Since the motion sensors cannot detect how far away a person or an object is, the closer objects will appear much larger to the sensor than the distant ones. Therefore, it will take a much larger object to set off the sensor at 15 feet than it will at 15 inches.


Ecobee smart sensors are powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery. The battery is said to run the sensor for 18-24 months. Originally, Ecobee advertised 4-year battery life, but after a few rounds of reviews, they revised the numbers. Ecobee says that battery life depends on factors such as lots of motion and distance between sensor & thermostat).

For peace of mind, the Ecobee thermostat will give timely alerts when the battery is low and needs replacement.

Add-on sensors

You can pair up to 32 room sensors with the Ecobee and place them in favorite spots like your study, living room, or bedrooms.

Ecobee Room Sensors: Features

All smart sensor features are accessible in the menu. You could use a mobile app, web app, or Ecobee thermostat to access the sensor menu anytime, anywhere.

Sensor Participation

The Ecobee smart sensors come with three default profiles: Home, Away, and Sleep. You can also create additional customized comfort profiles using the ecobee Web Portal.

Using sensor participation feature, you can choose which sensors to use for each comfort profile. For example, when you’re home, your smart thermostat can turn the heating mode on if the temperature falls below 70F and turn the cooling mode on if the temperature rises above 78F. When Follow Me is turned on, the thermostat will average the temperature of all active sensors and use that average temperature to determine when to run the thermostat.

This way, you will have complete control over the sensors and thermostat. Keep in mind, each comfort profile must have at least one active sensor.

Smart Home/Away

By using the data from Ecobee’s built-in occupancy sensor and the Room Sensors paired with the Ecobee, Smart Home/Away tracks all comings and goings to set the temperature for comfort or energy savings.

  • Smart Home runs until, a) 2-hours pass with no occupancy; b) it is canceled, or c) the start of the next Comfort Setting schedule.
  • Smart Away feature will stay in effect until it detects occupancy or the start of the next scheduled Away setting.

Follow Me

Working in conjunction with the Comfort Settings, Follow Me mode allows you to enhance your comfort. With active Follow Me, the Room Sensors detect which the occupancy and the thermostat will set an optimal home temperature. Follow Me can be turned on and off by the caregiver remotely via the app, or the web portal. If the feature is turned off, all the participating sensors’ temperatures will be averaged irrespective of the activity.

Thermal Protect

This is mainly a safety-enhancing feature. If abnormal readings are detected, the sensors will alert the users and prevent them from disrupting home’s optimal climate control settings.

How To Pair Your Ecobee Room Sensors

Pairing a new Ecobee smart sensor is easy and shouldn’t take more than five minutes. The new smart sensors have a plastic tab on the back. You don’t have to pull it until you’re ready to connect the sensor. Also, don’t connect the sensor before configuring Ecobee.

Once you are ready, look for a message on Ecobee screen. Remember, the paring will be successful only if the 4-digit ID should match the 4-digit code on the back of the sensor.

At this point, you can choose a name for the sensors (use the suggested list or enter a custom name).

Next up, choose the Comfort Settings (Home/Away/Sleep) by checking or unchecking the boxes. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Comfort setting to choose , you can always go back and change it later from the MAIN MENU.

Press finish and that’s it. Repeat the pairing process as many times as you need for each sensor.

Where To Place Ecobee Smart Sensors

Once you have Ecobee smart sensors paired, you have to find a place to put them. Ecobee recommends placing them about 5 feet high for optimal temperature measurement. For optimal motion detection, sensors should be placed at doorways and seating areas.

Areas to avoid…

Avoid placing your smart sensors directly in the kitchen because the room temperature can fluctuate wildly if you are cooking. As you might imagine, this could affect the readings and reports your thermostat show. Hence it is better to place Ecobee thermostat somewhere on the outer edges of your kitchen. There, it will still be able to monitor occupancy or motion. But the temperature readings will be somewhat moderate since the kitchen air will have a chance to be cooled by the other parts of the home.

The same sort of logic applies to Ecobee smart sensors’ placement throughout the home. Don’t place a sensor right next to drafty windows or next to an outside door.

Don’t place Ecobee room sensors under direct sunlight. Sunlight is itself the complete range of wavelengths of electromagnetic waves including the IR waves. So, chances are that the sensors treat it as a positive signal and you’ll get faulty temperature settings.

It’s a worse idea to put a sensor in the bathroom even if you do spend a lot of time in there. A long hot shower is sure to mess things up.

To Sum Things Up

The new-agey, fully redesigned Ecobee room sensors exponentially amplify Ecobee thermostat’ power. Place them around your home to detect both temperature and occupancy and to enhance the overall comfort of the loved ones. Plus, the Ecobee smart sensor helps further the home’s energy efficiency by switching between comfort settings.

In short, the Ecobee smart sensors are a necessity if you wish to maximize your Ecobee’s potential and deliver the best care possible to loved-ones living on their own.



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