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As smart home devices continue to become mainstream, Generations X, Y, and Z are all reaping the benefits they offer. From smart thermostats to smart wall vents (or smart AC’s), activity reminders to activity trackers, and motion sensors to GPS trackers, smart home technology makes life more convenient for seniors and their caregivers. Not to mention, the peace of mind – both financial and emotional.

Smart air conditioners

Smart AC’s can be very helpful to seniors living alone (and for the caregivers) — as a reliable comfort companion. All thanks to the companion app that lets turning the unit on or off even when the caregivers are not home. Under extreme conditions, smart air conditioners come handy in keeping elderly people safe from heat-related health problems, too.

So, the question is, ‘Would you like to add zoning control with smart air conditioners to your elderly parents’ home?’ If yes, it’s time to meet Ecovent system, the smart vent that aims to control the vents in the rooms one by one.

About Ecovent – the smart vent system

Put simply, Ecovent is equivalent to light switches. When you switch it on, for example, it will pump either hot or cold air as needed.

In a broader sense, Ecovent is a wireless network of vents, sensors, and a smart hub that measures temperature, pressure, and humidity throughout your home. The built-in air pressure and temperature sensors in this smart air regulation device monitor the air ducts and ensure the HVAC system runs smoothly, only restricting airflow within safe parameters. And, with enough of these smart vents installed, the caregivers can create a comfortable temperature zone anywhere within the home – all from their mobile phone.

Key Features of Ecovent

  • Room-by-room climate control through motorized air vents
  • Built-in temperature and air pressure sensors to protect the HVAC system
  • Ecovent Room Sensor (EVSENS) and Smart Hub (EVHUB)
  • A quiet motor that opens and closes the vents as per the prompt
  • Magnetic trim and battery cover for seamless adjustment and aesthetic appeal
  • Multi-OS compatibility: Android and iOS Quick and Hassle-free installation

Ecovent Smart Vents: In Detail….

The effortless functioning of Ecovent depends on the Self-configuring Wireless Vents, Sensors, and Smart Hub.

Wireless Smart Vents

The intelligent wireless vents automatically open and close to ensure there is ‘right airflow’ in the rooms to keep your loved ones toasty and comfortable. With two AA batteries, they work quieter than the conventional vents. The best part – they also adjust to the real-time temperature. Indeed, this is a boon for seniors who are forgetful or disabled.


Ecovent has built-in sensors that monitor humidity, temperature and pressure change round the clock. The sensors plugin over a power outlet (one per room), detect the climate of the rooms and send the data to the Smart fan

Pressure sensors measure the volumetric air flow to help maintain safe pressure flo, thereby avoiding damage to the AC compressor or furnace. While the temperature sensors help avoid bias like proximity to the wall or solar reflection from the wall that might be increasing the room temperature. These sensors are so sensitive they can even detect the heat cycle in your dishwasher and regulate accordingly. Furthermore, they can also detect heat loss in the windows or ducts, giving the caregivers an indication of a leak or the need for insulation.

In short, with this smart wall vent, caregivers can rest assured that their loved ones are always safe.

Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is the part that ties everything together. After receiving local data from the sensors, the Smart Hub measures weather impact and directs the vents to adjust airflow. With SafeSense™ technology, it protects the health of your HVAC system. The Smart Hub is Wi-Fi and ZigBee compatible and connects to most of the Wi-Fi thermostats as well. For seniors who rely on Wi-Fi thermostats like NEST, Ecovent is a perfect smart home device to pair with.

Ecovent App

Controlling this smart fan is a breeze with Ecovent App (iOS and Android). Users will see all the rooms and their temperatures on the mobile app. In fact, the App allows elderly people or caregivers to manually adjust temperature preferences for each room. It also gives them the freedom to decide when to use the HVAC wall vents while away from home. Other key features include,

  • Schedule smart vents’ usage according to time or room occupancy
  • Mark vacant rooms and control air flow
  • Choose preferred room setpoints for different times of the day
  • Manual temperature and airflow adjustments
  • Mobile alerts when favorite setpoints have reached

Note: The Ecovent App requires smartphones running iOS 8.0 or Android 4.4 or later.

Set Up Your Own Smart Vents

Speaking of the installation, you can easily do it in any home – new construction or an old one. And, when we say ‘easily’, we mean a ‘cakewalk’.  Ecovent’s smart vents replace your standard wall vent. When you replace your standard wall vents with that of Ecovent, you not only gain improved control over airflow but safeguard the HVAC system.  The HVAC wall air vents direct airflow from your HVAC system to targeted zones by opening or closing themselves. The result – ‘right’ airflow to achieve target temperatures faster.

The Ecovent smart vents, actually, come in a variety of sizes to fit various sized vents that have been already installed. Once installed, connect the HVAC wall vent to the Smart Hub along with the Room Sensor (both sold separately). Then, control the smart vent with Ecovent App – it’s that simple!

Final Thoughts

The upside of Ecovent is that seniors (or caregivers) do not have to open or close the vents themselves. Most importantly, unlike the standard motorized vents, Ecovent is designed with comfort and safety in mind. Too many closed vents mean pressure build-up in the duct. This, in turn, causes potentially life-threatening consequences. Luckily, Ecovent smart vents sense pressure differences at the ducts, which means safe air pressure levels at the vent.  Also, it closely monitors the temperature differences and optimizes temperature gradient in each room.

In short, you can rest assured that your loved ones are always comfortable, safe, and not living in a home with ‘too cold or too hot’ rooms.

Though wireless vent systems are more popular than ever before, smart thermostats haven’t lost their charm yet. Read about the most popular and energy-efficient smart thermostat here.


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