family locator GPS tracker
family locator GPS tracker

Importance of a Family locator GPS tracker


Family locator GPS tracker is something that everyone must possess. Laxcido GPS watch is one such device that is loaded with safety features for the convenience of its users

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Family locator GPS tracker is something that everyone must possess. Laxcido GPS watch is one such device that is loaded with safety features for the convenience of its users. Besides being a watch, it is also a cell phone GPS tracker that is highly essential for personal safety. It is especially needed for elderly people as well as the kids because it provides their real-time location.

Specifications of Laxcido GPS watch:

The family locator GPS device has the following specifications:

1. It is a lightweight device of 40g that has the dimensions of 45x39x15 mm with 1.3 inch IPS high definition touch screen.laxcido family locator gps

2. There is only one button i.e the SOS button or power button which makes it easily operatable.

3. It has a battery of 450 mAh power.

4. This family locator GPS device also has a gravity sensor in it and the accuracy of the GPS positioning is about 5-15 meters.

5. Android 2.3 and above and iOS 5.0 and above are supported by it.

Working of family locator GPS tracker:

The Laxcido GPS watch or the family locator GPS operates through the following simple steps:

1. This watch requires a micro SIM card which supports 2G network, having a data plan, and call features. There is a sim slot to insert this into the watch.

2. With a long press of the power button, one can turn on the device.

3. You can use the watch unique ID and password 123456 for logging in or else use the mobile app. This is the default password which you can change any time.

4. Then all the functions can be used through the application.

5. It is possible to track more than one watch simultaneously on the mobile app or web monitoring platform.
There is also a facility to obtain the location link on Google maps by sending an SMS.

Features of family locator GPS tracker:

The exciting features that the Laxcido GPS watch provides its users are as follows:


This device has an IP67 waterproof rating which makes it safe to wear outside even during rains. One need not worry in case water accidentally falls on.

2. It has a remote voice monitoring option.

3. A person can count the number of steps he has taken with this device.

4. For school time, it has a silent mode option.

5. It even acts as an alarm clock

6. It comes with voice chat features

7. Whenever its battery is low, it will send an alarm regarding this to make sure that it remains active all the time.

8. This device lets the caregiver track the wearer’s real-time location at any time and any place using the Android or iOS app. You can also use the web tracking platform for this.

Benefits of using a family locator GPS tracker:

The features of the Laxcido GPS watch which makes it the choicest device for everyone are explained in the following section:

1. Emergency call feature:

This device has an SOS emergency call feature which can be used by simply pressing the SOS button. Once a person presses it, he/she will be able to circularly contact all the family members for help during any emergency situation.

2. Works as a cell phone:

This family locator GPS tracker not only helps in tracking the location of its wearer but also acts as a cell phone. A person can make phone calls using it. This eliminates the need for using the phone every time.

3. Location history:

This family locator GPS device stores the past GPS locations in the last 3 months. This is quite helpful when a person is looking out for any particular incident in the past.

4. Setting a safe area:

This feature of the family locator GPS device is named as electronic fence or geofence in which the safety area around the wearer of the device can be marked. Once he crosses this boundary, there will be an alarm in the caregivers’ phone. It is possible to track the number of such watches at the same time


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