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Fibaro FGFS-101 ZW5 Z-Wave Electronic Flood Detector

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The Fibaro electronic flood detector is the ideal solution to prevent damage from water leaks in the home. Ideal for caregivers who are concerned about home safety in elderly loved ones’ home.

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If you’ve been constantly worried about water leakages at your home, then this electronic flood detector from Fibaro is the ideal solution. Smart security for your elderlies’ home, this award-winning device is small in size, yet very effective in its approach.

The wireless characteristics, along with its small size, enable you to place it anywhere in the house. The sensors always keep the device vigilant and alert you of potential leaks, however small they may be. Undoubtedly, small leaks can always go unnoticed by elderlies, and this is where this spot electronic leak detector helps you out. That means it doesn’t require cables to run through the house to detect leakage. Excessive moisture is enough for it to work its way around.

The sensor is part of a bigger system that comes with electrovalves. Once the sensor detects a leak, it directs the required electrovalve to turn off the water supply and avoid potential flooding. Thus, ensuring that the elderlies are safe at home.

Being wireless, you can connect it to your smart home speakers and talk to the system. Fibaro’s award-winning flood detector is capable of sending you notifications and temperature readings among other things. This electronic leak detector is currently compatible only with Apple HomeKit and Fibaro Systems.

Fibaro Electronic Flood Detector Features 

Fibaro’s Wireless Flood Sensors, is small in size. However, it comes loaded with tons of useful features that a caregiver would seek for her patients. Here are some of the most useful features of this electronic leak detector:

  • Wireless

This is a completely wireless electronic water leak detector that is equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology for faster and secure communication with your other smart devices. That means no hassle for wiring, adjusting, and cutting. The wireless technology also covers a longer distance. So don’t worry about signal coverage.fibaro flood detector

  • Proactive

Once set, Fibaro’s wireless flood detector acts without any manual intervention. This means that elderlies need not feel troubled as the detector will take care of everything. It identifies potential threats via in-built algorithms and sensor data. Then the device automatically acts on the threat and stops before things get out of control.

  • In-built temperature sensor

With Fibaro’s flood sensor, you will be able to control floor heating with your words courtesy a built-in temperature measurement device. Once you place this on a surface, it reads the temperature and adjusts according to your comfort level. So never have your elders live in a jarring position.

  • Long battery life

The in-built 1200 mAh battery lasts for up to 2 years on a row without requiring any charging. So don’t worry about running out of power with this wireless flood sensor.



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