FireAvert: The best device to avoid fire damage


FireAvert is an excellent tool to ensure complete protection from fire. Investing it makes a lot of sense as you are saved from the expenses that would be incurred to recover from the damage caused by it.

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FireAvert is an excellent tool that the firefighters have designed to save lives as well as homes. The general cause of the household fire is unattended cooking. It is an investment that you will find to be the best.

Mode of operation of FireAvert:

You just need to plug in the FireAvert behind your stove. On hearing the alarm sound, the device will shut off your stove, thus preventing the situation from deteriorating further. We can say that the device acts as a stove monitor.

Benefits of FireAvert:

You can get the following advantages of using FireAvert:

1. People who are planning for buying a new apartment or renovating their houses can plan to include FireAvert for safety purposes. This is because installing this stove monitor in the kitchen can prevent deadly fires and ensure the protection of buildings as well as residential areas.

2. During the summer season, if by any reason there are fires in the home or wild wires, it adds up to the scorching heat of the season. This makes the environment quite unfavorable for everyone to live in. Besides this, the damages caused will take a lot of investment to repair. Therefore, it should be installed in the complexes also.

3. With FireAvert, you can have peace of mind as sufficient smoke can trigger the device to turn off your stove or oven. You do not have to worry anymore even if you have left it in “on” condition. So, when you are enjoying cooking in some events, the product ensures full safety.

4. Installation of the product is quite easy and you can start it using it conveniently. Thus the caregivers can make sure that the seniors are safe while cooking even during their absence. You do not have to fear anymore as they are most likely to forget to switch off the stove.

Why should you buy FireAvert?

1. FireAvert is an inexpensive way of saving you from huge expenses that are incurred while repairing the damage done by fire. Also, you can reuse the product without having to recharge or refill it.

2. This product comes with a warranty of 1 year along with a 30 days return policy. Thus, if you do not like the product because of any reason, you can get your money back.

3. This stove monitor is fitted into the void space present behind your stove. Suppose the outlet is in some inconvenient position, then you can use a pigtail as an extension cord. This will let you manage the FireAvert as per your requirement in the void space.

4. Suppose there is some smoke in your presence, then you will get about 10 seconds to clear off the smoke so that the device will not cut off the power. This intelligent system is helpful for those who are not good cooks!

5. Resetting the FireAvert is quite easy and you can flip the breaker in your electrical panel off and “on” again to do this. This product does not need any batteries or maintenance


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