Programmable Bluetooth button
Programmable Bluetooth button

Flic smart button: How does it simplify our lives?


A smart flic button is an excellent device that simplifies many of your tasks by reducing the time needed to accomplish it. There are numerous apps that can be managed by it.

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The Flic smart button simplifies our lives. It not only saves our time in the busy schedule but also makes things interesting for us. It is a great gifting option for your near and dear ones and probably the best thing for the caregivers. Owing to its easy operation, even elderly people can use it conveniently.

Using smart flic button in various instances:


If we consider the example of meetings, we can know that a lot of time gets wasted in it. On using a Flic smart button in a meeting, you can indicate when it’s time up by setting a timer to ring a siren. The same thing can be done for keeping the refreshments coming so that the participants stay active. All you need to do is just press the Flic button to alert about this to the manager regarding resupply of the refreshments.


Smart Flic button is a Keynote clicker that makes presentations much better. During a quiz program, it can act as a buzzer

Bluetooth button

flic bluetooth button

while answering. For better benefits, one can start using data and integrate it with Google Analytics. For all such features, Flic is an excellent gifting option for business people.

Tracking activities:

People who enjoy cycling or running can use Strava to track their ride using the smart Flic button and simultaneously change the music. You can even track the number of times an activity is done, such as changing the kid’s diapers.


If we consider the people of other age groups, such as teenagers as well as older people, it is perfect for them too. Teenagers can use it in their selfie game, send pre-decided texts along with location, enjoy music streaming service or even find their phone.


Coders can use the Flic Mac app to automate builds of their code in Xcode after which they can create their own app for working with Flic.

Features of the smart Flic button:

The features of the smart Flic button are enlisted in the following section:

1. Using the Flic is easy:

You can easily use the Flic button by connecting it to the flic app of your device and then selecting the appropriate commands.

2.Connecting numerous Flics:

You can link many Flics to one device.

3. Durable battery:

The battery of these buttons lasts for about 1.5 years.

4.Use of Bluetooth low energy:

This is used for establishing a connection with the device.

5. Range:

The smart Flic button is functional in a range of 30 m or 100ft from your device which is a decent operational area.

6. Compatible devices:

There are many operating systems with which the Flic button is compatible such as the iOS 10 and above, macOS Sierra and Android 5 and above.

Reasons to opt for the smart Flic buttons:

Here are the features of this tiny button that says why you should go for it:

1. It provides a perfect tactile feeling when you click it, that feels quite satisfactory.
2. It can be used in the home, office or even outdoors since it is resistant to dust and water.
3. You should not underestimate this gadget by looking at its size since it is known to have strong security, capability as well as a good range of operation, that makes it really smart.
4. You can reuse the device even when its battery dies by replacing it with a new one.
5. It comes with a clip or a micro-suction adhesive so that it becomes easy for you to attach it to any place as per your convenience. This is also safe to use on the clothes or your other accessories.


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