garage door sensor
garage door sensor

Garage door sensor for full convenience

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The garage door sensor is a must-have home alarm system for your safety. SkylinkNet manufactures and supplies this device at an affordable cost.

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The garage door sensor is a must-have home alarm system that is quite essential for your safety. SkylinkNet manufactures and supplies this garage door safety sensor at an affordable cost to the caregivers to ensure convenience.

The SkylinkNet Connected Home Alarm System needs an Internet hub for operating. In the presence of a Skylink Internet Hub, it is possible to easily arm as well as disarm the alarm system using a free SkylinkNet App.

The triggering of any sensor is conveyed automatically to your smartphone through a push notification. No matter where you are, whether in the home, work or enjoying your vacation, you can conveniently control the alarm sensors as well as see their status. It doesn’t need you to pay any subscription fee or binds you by any contract.

The expandable alarm system lets you operate about 100 sensors of controllers and 10wireless cameras. You can even know the current activations of sensors and who had armed or disarmed the system and when it has been done.

Features of Skylink garage door safety sensor:

With the garage door sensor, you can enjoy the following features:

1. It enables you to monitor the status of your garage door remotely.

2. Whenever the garage door gets opened or closes can be found out.

3. It comes with a tilt sensor.

4. It is a wireless product that ensures complete convenience while using it as becomes portable.

5. It has been powered by battery so you do not have to rely on electricity to operate it. It notified you in case of draining of the battery.

6. In the case of M-series, you will get an alert regarding the loss of signal.

7. The device has compatibility with the SkylinkNet Alarm System.

Advantage of using Skylink garage door sensor:

The Skylink SK-200 SkylinkNet Connected Home Alarm System offers you the following advantages:

1. This product is an add on accessory for the starter kit of Skylink SK-200 SkylinkNet Connected Home Alarm System. It helps you to stay relaxed as you do not have to worry if you have left the garage door unclosed.

2. With the simple SkylinkNet App, you do check the status or your garage door, without having to physically visit it again. It is really a huge relief for the caregivers.

3. The product has a very good wireless range of 600 foot, and it is up to 300 feet from the Internet hub. You can easily install it as it doesn’t have any complicated wiring system. Its radio frequency is Skylink M-Code 433.92MHz

4. It lasts for a longer duration of about 24 months despite operating on a AAA alkaline battery. This saves you from frequent changing of batteries.

5. It has got FCC, CE, IC approval.

What do you get with the product?

This product comes with a garage door sensor, mounting materials, and a user manual for your reference.


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