Geekbes NAS-WS02W Smart Wifi Water Leak Sensor

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The Geekbes Smart Wifi Water Leak Sensor is an extremely sensitive device when it comes to detecting water leaks and preventing flood damage in the homes of seniors and loved ones.

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How often does it happen that the seniors at home use the bathtub and forget to turn off the tap? Or they might be using the kitchen sink and leave the water running? More often than not, these water leakages take place in areas like the basement where the elderlies do not visit regularly. This is where Geekbes Wifi water leak sensor proves to be the ideal choice!

You can now keep tabs on the elderly at home with this WiFi water leak sensor. You can check the situation from the app and a notification will be issued in case of any water leakage or overflow at home on your phone as an alarm! 

How does the Geekbes NAS-WS02W smart water flood sensor work?

The device has a long probe attached to it. Every time there is a flooding situation at home, the probes get submerged in water. This triggers the alarm on your phone via the app. You are notified of the rising water levels at home on your phone and the suitable treatment measures can be taken up.

Geekbes Wifi Water Leak Sensor Features

  • High sensitivity

This smart water flood sensor proves to be extremely sensitive when it comes to detecting water leaks. Further, it is made with metal sensing probes. So every time the elders are alone at home, you will be notified by a beep or an alarm at the sight of a leakage or flooding inside the house. 

  • Compact

This WiFi water leak sensor is very compact in appearance with a very practical design. The limited area within the device is optimized to get the best possible use out of it. Not only is this easy to store in any corner of the house, but is also convenient to use. 

  • Waterproof

This water detector consists of a waterproof panel that can work uninterruptedly even when in water.

  • Easy installation

Installing and setting this water detector is rather simple and convenient. You could install it anywhere at home. In addition, since the device is easy to operate, it is usually simpler for the seniors to handle it. geekbes wifi water leak sensor

  • App connectivity

It often happens that the seniors at home forget to turn off the bathtub tap, or the sink in the kitchen. This product gives you the facility of knowing the water situation at home, sitting at work or in another city. All you have to do is connect the machine to your phone via the app and WiFi and you are good to go! 

Thus, when the elderlies are alone at home, you do not have to worry about their safety anymore as far as water leakage is concerned.


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