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Just like the Google Home and Google Home Mini, caregivers can talk to the Max, and it instantly connects the voice commands to many services and device ecosystems of Google. Ask this smart home speaker to play Fleetwood Mac and any Chromecast content, first-aid advice, or request to turn the basement heater on or off, and it does. It also acts as a voice-activated control for many gadgets at home.

Google Max Smart Speaker: First Impression

The maxed-out Max is a huge, seamless bulbous smart speaker. At close to 12 pounds, it comes with no buttons or dials; and, absolutely no fiddling with discs. The fabric grille blends quite well with the plastic rear, making it seem like one. Speaking of the listening lights, they are hidden behind the grille; they light-up only when the Max hears the wake-up word or when there are volume changes.

How Does The Google Hub Max Sound

Loud, deep and clear! It also outperforms most smart home speakers out there. From soft ballads to thumping hip hop beats, Google Max smart speaker leaves no stone unturned to give the best output. Thanks to the two 4.5-inch woofer drivers and custom tweeters for ultra-deep bass. The best part: at high volumes, the Home Max can take charge as the main source of music in a party (read: without distortion). The positive benefits of music on the elderly are well known, so owning the Max is a huge bonus!

What’s even amazing is that Google Home Max Smart Speaker works in two configurations – lay it down flat or tip it up vertically. Buy two Google Home Max smart speakers, they run as a pair to enjoy richer and deeper stereo sound. Just remember Google’s recommendation of placing them 3m/10ft.

Another surprising element is the way the Google Max responds to its surroundings. Thanks to Smart Sound, a nifty feature that monitors the room and changes audio parameters accordingly. Google Hub Max also comes with Google’s voice match feature, meaning, it easily recognizes a family member’s voice and gives answers based on who’s asking.  the google home max smart speaker

Setting up & Integration

Seamless setup and integration – that’s another perk the Home Max offers. The smart home speaker uses the same app as the other Google Home devices – just forget about downloading anything onto the phone (exception: of course, the first-timers). It recognizes the voice, sees and tells what’s on the calendar, and  when to give medications.

Caregivers can easily set alerts for anything from doctor visits to birthdays or anniversaries. These gentle automated reminders can relieve some of the worry. Also, the Hub Max syncs in no time with motion detectors, security sensors, cameras, and door locks, which can give the elderly and their caregivers a little bit more peace of mind.

Should You Buy Google Max Smart Speaker

If the maxed-out price isn’t a thing and you’d want to practice ‘smart’ at-home caregiving, the Home Max is a solid option. It’s basically similar to Google Home and Google Home Mini, only it’s oversized and packs a far louder sound.


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