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Google Home – Smart Speaker & Home Assistant


When it comes to caregiving, there are numerous functions that the Google Home smart speaker offers and that makes it a good smart speaker for seniors. Outlined below are just a few of them.

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The original Google Home smart speaker is relatively old news now. It’s been usurped by sleek, more advanced (and, of course, better looking) smart speaker variants. Yet that didn’t stop it from helping the elderly and their caregivers out in the home.  Since 2016, the slim cylinder with smart speakers has been listening for its wake word, answering those burning queries and reminding if Gams has a physio appointment next Monday.


Google Home Smart Speaker: What’s it for

Google Home is the smart voice activated speaker for everyone who has invested even lesser time into the Google ecosystem. Got a Gmail account? Google Home smart speaker is for you. Use an Android phone or tablet? You bet Google Home has something in store for you.

When it comes to caregiving, there are numerous functions that this smart speaker offers and that makes it a good smart speaker for seniors. Outlined below are just a few of them.

  • This hands-free speaker connects to many IoT devices – meaning technology can cut the work in half.
  • Place it next to the loved ones’ comfort chair where he/she can listen to audiobooks or classical music streamed from radio stations in New York.
  • Planning to make parents’ house a smart home? You’d need Google Home – Smart Speaker & Home Assistant.
  • The smart voice speaker is a big advantage when an elderly with Parkinson’s, Dementia, Paralysis or Visual impairment is involved.
  • Most importantly,  it can improve the health of aging-in-place seniors.


Everything You Should Know About Google Home Smart Speaker

  • Design

Google Home is designed to look less like a speaker and more like a sleek lamp or diffuser. The uncluttered design features touch-sensitive top surface to play, pause or restart the music. A long-press activates the microphone. A customizable base lets you match the smart speaker to the décor.

  • Sound quality

Speaking of audio playback, the Google smart speaker offers richer bass and well-rounded sound, perfect for radio or audiobooks. With the companion app, pair the Home with Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, and TuneIn. Google lets uploading music library to its cloud – and  that’s a plus for caregivers who’re craving for ‘me time’.

  • Voice control

Users can alert the Home with, “Hey Google” (available in both male and female voices). Google Assistant, the AI that powers this smart speaker, handles comprehensive queries pretty well. Additionally, Google Assistant is more conversational: It will often remember the conversation. For instance, if you ask, “Who played the role of Captain America?”, you can follow up with, “What other Marvel movies was he in?”google home smart speaker on desk

  • Smart home hub

Google Home can act as a control center for the entire home. This Wi-Fi speaker will allow everything from setting alarms to managing ‘to-do’ and shopping lists and controlling smart home devices. To set everything up, just download the Google smart speaker app and start syncing.

  • Streaming Devices

Own a Chromecast or smart TV? If yes, just say, “Hey Google, play West World on my TV.” Supported devices include Vizio, Toshiba, Philips, Sony, Bang & Olufson and more. Perfect to change caregivers’  days, and those of their loved one!

Google Home Smart Speakers: Variants

New variants get added to the lineup all the time. The original Home is the main product. Then, there’s the Google Home Mini, a pocket-friendly speaker. There’s also the Google Home Max, a music-focused speaker. The latest additions to the list are the Google Nest Hub,  a smart display and the Nest Hub Max, a 10-inch display with an integrated camera.

With a little help from Google Home, make your job easier, give your loved one more independence and ensure that they’re as safe and happy in their homes as possible.


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