google hub smart speaker with screen
Google Nest Hub smart speaker for seniors

Google Nest Hub – A Smart Speaker with Screen


Google Nest Hub: enables seniors to access entertainment & streaming music services, communicate with care-givers, operate lights and other household fixtures, and more  


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Convenience packed with utility is the main motive of present-day devices. Whether it is a tiny computer chip or it is a self-driving car. The R&D behind every device revolves around these two factors. The same is the case with smart devices and to be more specific to the Google Nest Hub. This is a smart speaker with screen device.

The level one version of the Google Nest Hub Max is Google Nest Hub. Overall, this device has a lot of applications and is a little different than its advanced version. In either case, both versions are a boon for caregivers as they can monitor activities at home while taking care of the seniors. Seniors can use the device to access entertainment and streaming music services, communicate with care-givers, operate lights and other household fixtures, and more  Let’s take a glance at some of the indispensable specs and features of this great device.


Specifications and Features of Google’s smart speaker with screen

  • Interactive Display

With an overall length of 7.02 inches, this smart speaker with screen device has a wide 7-inch HD touchscreen making it easy to see and operate among seniors with limited motor skills. 

  • Microphone and Sensors

The Google Home hub is fitted with two far-field microphones that easily capture the voice commands from across the room. This is a boon to seniors who have difficulty getting up from sofas and chairs. The device also features an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the light of the screen based on the surroundings.

  • Connectivity

The Google Smart Display device is equipped with both Wifi and Bluetooth for instant connectivity with nearby devices.

  • Design

The Google Nest Hub has a compact and stylish design that is extremely lightweight. The availability in various colors makes it blendable with all sorts of home surroundings.

  • Works With

As per its name, this Google Smart Speaker with Screen device acts as a hotspot for controlling various other devices in the house. The featured devices are Nest Hello, Nest Outdoors, Google Home, etc.


Uses of Google Nest Hub

The Google smart speaker with screen offers a number of uses to the caregivers while they are on job, with its extensive set of features. Let’s check them out,

  • Entertainment: One of the primary use of the Google Nest Hub is that one can stream uninterrupted videos.Google Nest Hub a smart speaker with screen Along with this, it also enables the user to watch live tv while working. Additionally, the user can listen to Pandora, Spotify, and podcasts on this awesome device.
  • Help with routine tasks: The voice command feature of the Google Nest Hub enables it to listen and keep a check on reminders, personalized and upcoming events, etc. This frees the caregiver’s mind from remembering the important things by themselves.
  • Control over Connected Devices: As this Google Smart Speaker with screen device connects to various devices of the house. It offers full control over all of them right from one screen. This feature lets caregivers always stay near the person who needs care.
  • Nest Hello and Nest Cam: The Google Nest Hub pairs with Nest Hello useful for checking people at the doorsteps. It can also be paired with Nest Cam to keep a check on intruders outside the house.


How is Google Nest Hub different from Google Nest Hub Max?

The Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are different in basically two ways:

  • Screen size: One of the distinguishing factors is screen size. The Google Nest Hub has a 7 inches screen, whereas the Max version has a screen of size 10 inches.
  • Front Camera: The Max version of the Google smart speaker with screen has a front camera of 6.5 megapixels, whereas the basic version doesn’t.
  • Price: The price of the MAX version of the product is $259. On the other hand, the price of the Google Nest Hub is $149.


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