GPS tracker for elderly
GPS tracker for elderly
GPS tracker for elderly

GPS tracker for elderly with dementia

GPS tracker for the elderly has a lot of benefits for the caregivers. Such devices are quite essential especially for Alzheimer’s patients who find it difficult to remember their home and even their name.


GPS tracker for elderly has a lot of benefits for the caregivers. Such devices are quite essential especially for Alzheimer’s patients who find it difficult to remember their home and even their name. Using GPS tracking devices can be a huge relief for the family members as they ensure complete peace of mind by ensuring safety.

Importance of GPS tracker for the elderly in case of Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients:

Wandering is a common behavior among people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is such a critical issue that it can lead to serious injury or death of the individual. These diseases make people find familiar surroundings also unfamiliar as their memory gets erased. Gradually they find it difficult to adapt to the new environments.

Studies show that 6 out of 10 people having dementia will wander. The issue gets worse with the progress of the disease. All such symptoms cause the family members of the patient to get frightened. Since there is no cure for such diseases, devices have been made to ensure the prevention of wandering.

These life-saving GPS trackers for the elderly will keep your beloved ones safe and secure. Using GPS tracking technology, the devices help in easily finding the seniors. Thus the family member can lead a peaceful life without fearing this deadly disease.

GPS tracker for the elderly: Top 10 devices:

GPS tracking technology is by far the best option available today. It is suitable for the protection of your loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s problem. There are a number of devices making use of this technology. These are enlisted below:

1. GPS Smart sole:

It bears resemblance to the GPS shoe. The product fits into most of the shoes conveniently and lets the caregivers track the loved ones using their smartphone. You can also use your tablet or web browser for this. The GPS enabled shoe sole helps in real-time syncing.

It provides a detailed location history report and helps users in setting up a safe radius for their family members. Its battery lasts for a period of 2-3 days. Caregivers can get an alert in the form of text, or email notification in case of low battery.

2. iTraq GPS tracker for elderly

This GPS tracker for the elderly is useful in tracking anything. So, you do not have to worry anymore, whether it is your luggage while traveling or your beloved ones. There is a fall sensor that detects in case the senior encounters fall and sends an alert to the caregiver. It also detects temperature changes.

The iTraq Nano is the tiniest all-in-one tracking device that you can use globally. It not only comes with a 2 months battery life and wireless charging but also resists dust and water. This ensures ease of use in any season of the year.
The “Guard Mode” enables the caregivers to set a safe radius for roaming around. Once the user moves out of it, the caregiver gets a notification and can track their location accurately.

Seniors can easily use the SOS button in it to notify the family members about their exact location. Likewise, children can also use this device to avail the same advantages, so that parents do not have to search where they are at a certain point of time.

3. Trax

This is one of the smallest as well as a lightest GPS tracker that sends the location to the app through the cellular network. With the clip that comes with it, one can attach it easily. Family members can set the “Geofences” to be notified once their loved ones move out of a specific zone.  There is no size limit for creating the Trax Geofence. You can create numerous fences as per your requirement as well as schedule when they are in effect.

4.SafeLink GPS tracker for elderly

This product is extremely useful for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s and thus helps them lead an independent life. One has to wear it all the time for safety. Owing to its small size, it is portable and sends the location coordinates to the family members. Thus it ensures peace of mind. Whenever they want, the wearer’s location can be tracked easily through the website. It has an SOS button also, that is useful in emergency situations.

5. MedicAlert Safely Home

This device is available in the form of a bracelet that has vital medical information engraved on it. One can get this for their loved ones, so as to find them in case they go missing. The primary reason for developing this device was to enable emergency responders to help patients who are unable to speak.  Even dementia patients who are wandering can avail its advantage. When required, the caregivers can call the emergency numbers for getting the information

6. Mindme

Mindme has come up with a location tracking device as well as an alarm. The product is extremely helpful for people with cognitive disabilities or dementia. It is available in the form of a pendant that can be put in the bag or worn to any place.

Whenever the user falls down or faces an emergency situation, he can use the alarm for alerting a Mindme response center. The caregivers can set the radius for the user, and thus get an alert once they move out of it. They can easily track users online at any time as the device updates location every 5 minutes within 30 feet.

7. Bluewater Security GPS tracker for elderly

This is a dementia GPS tracking watch that enables international monitoring in Canada as well as the US. The main purpose of this device is to help seniors at risk. The alarm system rings once the watch and the GPS receiver gets separated. The caregiver can locate the street address and postal code of the user currently in. This can be done conveniently from a smartphone or a computer.


It provides a comprehensive view of all the activities of the user to the caregivers. They can use it for the children, seniors or anyone else in their family. Using it is quite easy as it can be attached to the clothing of a person. It provides the timeline of locations, routes as well as transit speed of the user. In case the user reaches some unknown place, the caregiver will receive an alert instantly.

If the user has some appointment, then the caregiver can hear what is going on and get alerts whether they have left at the right time. Locating the loved ones becomes easy with it. The device also helps users communicate with caregivers or family members.

9.Revolutionary Tracker

This device keeps a track of the wandering seniors. It is a comprehensive device that has an excellent level of communication and protection features. There is an SOS button in the GPS enabled personal tracker which is quite useful in case of emergencies. There is a unique audio conversation feature that makes it easy for caregivers to find wandering users.

One can track multiple seniors using this device on a real-time basis at the same time. The related information gets synchronized with the smartphone or computer. Caregivers can set up safety zones using the devices and use the voice command for locating the loved ones.

10. Pocket Finder

This device was designed by a single parent for locating the young son’s whereabouts. But one can use it for tracking the luggage, pets as well as elderly persons at home. This is one of the smallest GPS trackers that easily fit in the palm. It is a waterproof device that has a good battery life, lasting for a week.

There is an SOS button on the device for use during emergency situations. You can set geofences without any limit so as to receive an alert when the user crosses them. It provides you with tracking history for the past 60 days. Caregivers can easily track the user through the PocketFinder app. It makes use of GPS, Cell ID, as well as Google Wifi Touch to locate the user.

11. Project Lifesaver

The main aim of this program is to make sure that people get timely help and reduce the chances of injury to kids or adults. This is specifically helpful for those with autism, Alzheimer’s and other such disorders. Anyone enrolled in the program gets a personal transmitter that they need to wear around the ankle or wrist all the time. It emits individualized tracking signals.

The caregiver can call the Project Lifesaver agency in case the user wanders. This will bring the caregiver in contact with a trained team of professionals. It takes around 30 minutes to find people wandering within a few miles of their homes. This program also operates with the public safety agencies for training them about the wandering related risks.  Recently a new technology has been introduced which provides the radio frequency safe zone around the users. Once they cross it, the caregiver gets a notification regarding the same.

12. MedicAlert Safely Home

This is another program which is associated with the
Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, having over 5 decades of experience related to the safety of individuals with dementia. The reason for its creation was to assist the emergency responders for the treatment of people who were unable to speak.

It has numerous features that make the lives of caregivers easier. This includes an emergency hotline, family notification as well as MedicAlert ID. All these together help in efficiently identifying a lost person. Thus it reduces the trouble associated with finding dementia patients when they go missing.


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