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Stepping up to the plate to care for the elderly parents or loved ones also means caring for their furry friend(s). Truth be told, no one can predict how much care the pets would be needing. Dogs and cats may have more medical appointments than a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer’s. Luckily enough, the innovation of automatic dog feeders is helpful for the caregivers.

HOMMINI Automatic Pet feeder

The HOMMINI smart pet feeder is a popular automated dog feeder, and it truly couldn’t be simpler. Although it holds only dry foods/medicines, it’s got amazing functionality that makes it a high-end automatic pet feeder.

HOMMINI Dog Feeder: First Look

The HOMMINI automatic dog feeder is simple in design but gives an incredible level of control. It’s basically a PC-ABS shell, with a detachable T hopper and tray. The hopper on top holds a total of 3.5 liters of dry food, allowing one to keep a decent supply for the dog. The large bowl makes it suitable for two small dogs. Also, the food tray is fully detachable, allowing easy cleaning. Pet owners/caregivers can opt for manual or automatic feeding. They can also set how many portions the dog gets at each feeding time. Its feeding system is suitable only for dry foods, medication or treats.

Unlike most auto pet feeders, this one includes a 250 ml water bottle on the right side. Made of ABS material, it is BPA-free and comes with a leak-proof nozzle. It can be replaced with a regular PET bottle.

Free anti-bite casing included protects the cable from fraying, bite or even chewing.HOMMINI auto Pet Feeder


To use this automatic dog feeder, an iOS device running iOS 7.1 or higher, or an Android running Jelly Bean or higher is necessary. Download the Eggnest app or scan the QR code on the manual to access a wide range of features.

As long as there’s an Eggnest app, users can access a wide range of features. Set times to feed the pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding on your mobile device instantly. The smart features don’t stop there. Caregivers who’re concerned about the pet’s health can also use the app to control food delivery. HOMMINI dog feeder has a built-in 110° HD, 1MP camera that will let stream live video, or take a snapshot of each feeding. This is great if multiple pets are there, as it helps to track who is eating what. It also supports 10 seconds voice record. This means users can speak into the microphone so pet(s) can hear the voice. Moreover, it lets the users share pet info on Social media. All of the real-time interaction takes place from the smartphone.

HOMMINI Smart Pet Feeder also supports offline feeding. If the power goes out the battery (use 3 D batteries) backup will take over and, in the case of network issues, the feeder will revert to manual feeding mode. Moreover, it will fill the bowl as much as possible, if the battery is about to die.


The HOMMINI connects to any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router. Getting HOMMINI connected takes less than a minute, making it incredibly easy to set up.

Food & Portion Size

HOMMINI smart dog feeder allows for both manual and automatic feeding. This allows setting portion sizes for dogs both big and small. The large hopper means users can set up to 4 meals a day, each meal dispense from 1-10 portions of 10g. Some of the larger, oddly shaped dog food may get stuck in the dispenser. To avoid jamming, go for smaller kibbles.

The detachable food tray, hopper, and cover keep the food fresh and safe.

What Comes With HOMMINI Automatic Dog Feeder

  • AC power adapter
  • Water Feeder
  • Anti-Bite Casing
  • Plastic tray
  • User Manual

Final Thoughts

Smart and reliable, HOMMINI’s automatic dog feeder is a convenient, stress-free way to feed dogs and simplify caregiver’s life. The dog gets its food on time – every time – in the just the right amount. It’s also a great solution to manage pet’s weight.


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