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Insteon smart home technology: For making lives simpler

Insteon smart home enables the caregivers to control the home appliances with ease from any location in the world. It ensures complete safety and convenience for the seniors at the home.


Insteon is a home automation hardware and software developer which enables the interoperation of the electrical devices such as thermostats, lights, switches, etc. through the use of power lines or radiofrequency or both of them. It helps the caregivers or seniors to control as well as efficiently monitor the home. It makes use of strong powerline and wireless communication technology to produce the best products in the market.

Features of Insteon smart home technology

There are excellent features of Insteon smart home hub which have amazing features as described in the following section:

1. Controlling home appliances with ease

It is quite simple to control the wall switches, lights, outlets, thermostats, etc when you are at home or even away. You can do this as well as configure the advanced device settings simply by using your smartphone or tablet no matter in which part of the globe you are.

2. Customization of device schedules

Insteon smart home lets you switch on or off a device or a customized group of lights at the dusk or dawn or at any other time, with a few taps.

3.Simultaneous control of multiple devices

With Insteon smart home hub, you can effortlessly create scenes in a very less time period to control more than one devices as well as customize its features such as On Level, Ramp rate, etc. with the help of your smartphone.
It enables you to create scenes by altering the lights of your whole house. In case of a thermostat, you can dial the perfect temperature as per your need.

4. Insteon acts a watchdog

This is because you can create instant alerts with the help of a range of Insteon sensors present all across your home. Whenever there is something wrong, the alerts will be sent to you in the form of email or push notifications.
The Insteon Smart hub helps you track the motion sensors such as smoke in-home, doors, windows, water leakage, etc, which will let you know if there is an issue even when you are away from your home. Thus, as a caregiver, you can efficiently take care of the elderly people in your home without any kind of insecurity.

5. Everyone can use it

You do not just need to be an expert in using gadgets to use the Insteon smart home because it has been designed in such a way that even the novice can use it without facing any problem. No knowledge of IT is needed for the hub configuration as it is a plug and play device.

6. Stay free from worries when you are away from home

When you are in your office or enjoying your vacation, you can still use it and control it from any location in a hassle-free manner.

7. Improved security feature

The Insteon devices have been built as per the industrial standards that enable users to have secure encrypted communication. Thus caregivers can fully secure their home.

8. No regular charges:

Unlike the other companies in the market, you won’t have to pay any fees on a regular basis for enjoying the functions of viewing, controlling and monitoring the home with Insteon.

9. Use it with all the Insteon products

You can use the Insteon hub with all the available Insteon products for free. This includes high wattage and 2 wire dimmer switch, on/off switch, 6-button and 8-button dimmer keypad, 6 buttons and 8- button on/off the keypad, dimmer outlet, on/off outlet, dimmer module, on/off module. outdoor on/off module. range extender, motion sensor, hidden door sensor, leak sensor, smoke sensor, open/close sensor, and wired thermostat.

9.Extension of Insteon Hub

Since everyone wants to take full control of their homes, the company had tied up with other brands as well as platforms besides covering 200 products. So you are going to have an amazing experience with Insteon. It caters to all requirements of its customers.

The technology employed in the Insteon smart hub:
Insteon makes use of the latest technology which provides the users with the following benefits:
1. Reliability assured with a good range:
Insteon makes use of dual mesh technology which is unique and patented. The uninterrupted traveling of signals is one of the strongest features which makes this technology quite reliable.

There is no chance of the signal impediment because of the obstructions, owing to the dual-band, powerline, and wireless features. In every aspect, it is 100 times better than the single-band network.

2. Better compatibility

Insteon makes use of wireless radio along with the home’s existing powerline wiring to resolve any of the problems popping up in the house. Such compatibility has made it scalable to a significant extent.

3. Use of dual-band

Insteon uses a robust network through the use of wireless technology and the powerlines of home for handling the interference caused by microwave signal and WiFi signals as well as other signal blockers such as masonry structures, concrete, or steel.

4. No more fear when a single device fails

This is possible because of the mesh network which repeats the messages across the whole network and removes any chance of bottlenecks in case of failure of a device. The dual-band enables the network extension over wired devices of Insteon as well as wireless devices.

5.Absence of complex device hierarchy:

Since the routers or administrative devices are not used in this peer to peer network, every device can control or be controlled by the other devices of the network.

6.Simultaneous addressing possible to various nodes

The use of Simulcast makes the Insteon behave like a broadcasting system which can address various nodes at a time. This doesn’t need the use of complex and costly signal routing methods.

7. Use of Statelink technology

This makes Inston compatible with the old, new as well as the future device automation. It is not necessary for the devices to know about one another in order to efficiently control them. Thus it plays a significant role.

Use of third party devices with Insteon

There are many third-party devices which you can use with Insteon for greater convenience. We have enlisted some of the important devices and their functionalities in the following section:

1. Amazon Alexa

You can operate the Insteon lights as well as other Alexa-enabled devices using your voice. Change the scenes by controlling the whole lighting of your home. Similarly, you can control the Sonos.

Other devices which you can simultaneously control include those from Phillips, Hue, and Logitech. This smart control makes your life simpler and easier as you do not have to put a lot of efforts. All this needs integration of the Alexa enabled devices with the Insteon hub.

2. Using Logitech Harmony remote for controlling Insteon Home

The Harmony remote has dedicated home control buttons that enable you to control the Insteon devices. Thus you can adjust the light brightness, TV screen glare or switch off a lamp using it. You can use the Insteon hub for configuring your lights as well as other appliances.

The devices in which the Inston and Harmony works include the switches in the walls, the plug and play devices, and the LED bulbs. IFTTT is a Harmony action channel that enables you to trigger the Insteon devices through your location, SMS or Automatic.

3.Google Assistant

Insteon is compatible with Google Assistant and the speakers are controlled by voice, Android phones, TV, etc. You just need to have an Insteon hub to enjoy the functionality such as controlling the lights’ brightness or setting the temperature in the thermostat.

If you want, you can classify the Insteon devices into groups so as to ensure easy control of your smart homes. The Insteon devices such as thermostats, wall outlets, plug-in devices are all compatible with Google Assistant.

4. Controlling home from your Tesla

Make use of the Insteon Hub for monitoring and controlling your home from your Tesla. It is possible to control as well as monitor the Insteon devices through the Tesla touchscreen.

5. Cortana

Use the Windows 8.1 phone, to control the Insteon lights and other appliances from any location on the Globe. You need not be physically present in the home to enjoy this feature. It provides caregivers with a fun and convenient experience.

There are different modes to make things simpler for you. These are enlisted below:

a. If there are children or outsiders in your home, you can opt for the visitor mode.
b. Insteon Hub is not needed when a person wants to see a number of cameras simultaneously, see the full screen or seek the camera support.
c. With one account, you will be able to take control of various devices.
d. There is a well-organized dashboard to portray your home’s status in the least possible time.

6. Use of Insteon with Sonos music system

You can use your Insteon keypad or remote for controlling your Sonos player instead of using your phone to play, pause, increase or reduce the music volume.

7. Yonomi

This helps in integrating all the smart home appliances and create a customized interaction. Just with one app, it is possible to connect the smart devices. With it, you can set the lights, music, temperature as per your requirement.


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