iRobot 690 the smart vacuum
iRobot 690 the smart vacuum

iRobot 690 – The Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum


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Between assessing medical needs and assisting with basic needs of their loved ones, every caregiver’s got cleaning on the brain.  The right gadgets can make getting – and keeping – the home spick and span; there’s a sanitizing wand to fight off microbes and an automatic air cleaning system. Then there’s a robot that vacuums the home. Case in point: iRobot 690, the Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum.  Sporting Dirt Detect Technology, patented 3-Stage Cleaning System, and support for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, can this smart vacuum rise above the competition? In word, yes.

iRobot 690 – Features

As you’d expect, the smart vacuum needs to be hooked up to Wi-Fi. The premium feature of Roomba 690 is it’s Dual-Mode Virtual Wall Barrier. The virtual wall lets the caregivers to mark ‘restricted area’ for the robo vac.irobot 690 smart vacuum

With regards to performance, this smart vacuum has patented 3-Stage Cleaning System, Dual Multi-Surface brushes, and Cliff Detect sensors. Additionally, the Roomba vacuum comes with an Edge-Sweeping Brush with a 27-degree angle to target edges and corners.

We’re sure that every caregiver out there is going to go gaga over the Dirt Detect Technology used in iRobot 690. With the exceptional suction, the sensor picks up all heavy-duty dirt and grimes.

The iRobot 690 and Smart Home Features

The iRobot 690 is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from iRobot HOME App or with Alexa. It is  also Google Assistant-compatible , the caregivers can simply use their phone or Google Home to start vacuuming. On the iRobot HOME App, the carer can pre-set cleaning hours, set custom cleaning preferences or check Dirt Detect events.

The iRobot 690 – All About Coping Up With Obstacles

Thanks to the intelligent sensors, the smart vacuum is pretty adept at cleaning hardwood floors to the carpet. It even makes 60+ decisions per second to roam gracefully around and suck up the dust. It can sense walls and furniture, too.  And, if it’s bumper touches, the iRobot 690 gets a little upset that it will either turn or continue vacuuming alongside the length of obstacle. Cliff detection is excellent, the vac recognizes stairs and refuses to fall down them.

The Roomba 690 Smart Vacuum – Usability

Setting up this smart vacuum is as easy as ABC. Unbox it, charge it, and let it pick up dirt and debris. The robo vac comes pieced together, so caregivers don’t have to stress over assembling it. As for using iRobot 690, it is as easy as setting it up. Thanks to the one-click cleaning feature of the Roomba 690.  An interesting fact is that iRobot 690 adjusts to different floor types and can even escape from underneath furniture post-cleaning. Furthermore, caregivers can set a 7-day cleaning schedule for the smart vacuum right from the smartphone.

Another bonus: Hassle-free ongoing maintenance: empty the trash bin, clean the filter and check the wheel and brushes for any debris. All these steps are super easy and not consume the precious time of the busy caregivers. Plus, the app guides the carer through these steps and helps finding replacement parts.

What’s in the Box

iRobot 690 comes with everything a caregiver needs for a dust-free home.

  • Home Base Charging Station – 1
  • Line Cord – 1
  • Virtual Wall Barrier with 2AA batteries – 1
  • Flat Cleaning Tool – 1
  •  Owner’s Guide
  •  Documentation Package
  • Extra Filter – 1

Should A Caregiver Buy iRobot 690 Smart Vacuum

Absolutely! Well-priced with plenty of high-end features, the Roomba 690 is ideal for the busy caregivers. Considering it’s features, iRobot 690 is the best bet if elderly parents or the loved ones live in an uncluttered home with no stairs.

The only thing a caregiver needs to do is: program the cleaning schedule. And yes, this smart vacuum sucks up dirt without emptying the pocket.

Bring it home and pat yourself for finding a smart companion for regular cleaning.


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