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GPS tracker for elderly, for a comfortable life: iTraq


iTraq is a GPS tracker for the elderly that helps a person to lead a comfortable life. You can use this device for finding everything to keep life moving.

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iTraq is a GPS tracker for the elderly that helps a person to lead a comfortable life. You can use this device for finding everything to keep life moving. It helps you stay alert when your beloved ones move out of the safety zone.
During any trip also, it can help you find your lost luggage. Similarly, it is possible to track the location of your car if you have kept the device inside and thus report its location to the concerned authorities. Thus, it ensures the peace of mind as well as the safety of all the belongings of a person.

Working of iTraq GPS tracker for elderly:

This GPS device for elderly works in the following ways:itraq gps tracker for elderly

1. Longest battery life:

This feature of the device makes it energy efficient. Once you charge it, it can last for 4 months. It makes use of 3 technologies for location detection, namely, WiFi, GPS or GLONASS, and Cell-ID. Of all these. Wifi provides the most accurate results with optimum power consumption.
The built-in 450mAh lithium-ion battery takes just 2 hours for 100% charging. This wireless charging device is compatible with Qi-certified chargers.

2. Operation through consumer-defined schedule:

The user can set the location reports frequency through the use of for iTraq mobile app in Android or iOS. It can be once in a day or occurring every 10 minutes. This is a major determinant of your device battery life. Between the reports, the device enters the sleep state for saving battery.

3. Sensors to detect motion and temperature:

There is an accelerometer in the iTraq which helps in detecting various types of motions. Similarly, there are temperature sensors to help you know once the ambient temperature reaches a specific limit.

4. Defining Guard Zone:

You can do this through the Guard mode by mentioning the radius on the map. This will alert you once the device is removed from a specific area. Similarly, an alert will also be sent to your cell phone when the device enters back into the Guard Zone.

5. Service plan:

Initially, the product comes with 2000 location reports which expire on the completion of a month. After this, opt for an annual or monthly service plan, each of which has an unlimited number of reports.
The monthly subscription will cost you $5.90 and the yearly one will cost you $59 which is quite reasonable compared to the benefits it offers for the caregivers.

Advantages of GPS tracker for the elderly:

iTraq offers the following advantages, which are quite useful for seniors:

1. SOS button:

This helps in providing an alert to the family and friends regarding the location. All a person needs to do is press it for 5 seconds to trigger this alert. It is quite a simple task which seniors can easily do to ensure their safety.

2. Has global coverage:

The SIM card used in the iTraq device operates in all the countries that have 2G or 3G services.

3. Wireless charging:

Once you charge it, you do not have to worry for the next 4 months. This long battery life prevents you from charging it every day like some other location-tracking devices. Moreover, wireless charging is the best thing about it. All you need to do is keep the device on the wireless charger.
This avoids any kind of wiring that looks messy as well as inconvenient to use at all places. Seniors can also do this easily.

4. Using an app for locating device:

Trigger the iTraq Nano with the help of the app. It beeps on clicking the beep button when you have misplaced it. In case it is out of the Bluetooth range, you can see its location on the map.

5. Better accuracy of the GPS tracker for elderly:

It is a reliable device that provides accurate reports in outdoors as well as indoors.

6. Gets triggered on motion and temperature:

The sensors in this tracking device trigger it once any motion is detected or when a specific temperature is reached.

7. Compact device:

The device is quite small and lightweight(only 32 grams), which makes it easy to carry it anywhere.

8.Water and dust resistant:

iTraq Nano has been made in such a way that dust or any water splashes won’t damage it easily. It is evident from the fact that the device is IP65 rated under the IEC standard 60529. You need not worry while carrying it outside even if it is raining.

9. Attach it easily anywhere:

You can use the steel ring to attach this GPS tracking device for the elderly, to their purse, belt or bag. This will ensure peace of mind when they are out of sight.


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