key finder wallet tracker
key finder wallet tracker

Loc8tor key finder: Best device to track misplaced things


The Loc8tor key finder or wallet tracker is a reliable device of the size of a credit card that provides highly accurate results in finding anything. This can be your keys, cell phone or wallet. It will take very less time to find them conveniently.

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The Loc8tor key locator or wallet tracker is a reliable device of the size of a credit card that provides highly accurate results in finding anything. This can be your keys, cell phone or wallet. It will take very less time to find them conveniently. Thus your stress gets reduced significantly because of it. The best thing is that it operates through the doors as well as the walls because of which you can find items located in some other room also.

Working of Loc8tor key finder:

This device comes with tags and a handset. You need to attach the tag to the important item such as wallet, key, remote, etc. These are the things which you usually forget to keep in the right place and then take a lot of time searching for them.key finder

In the handset, there is a locate button, on pressing which, you will be able to hear a small beep on the tag. Besides this, you can also know the directions, where to go, to spot the exact location of the device. Thus you can easily find it, without having to search for all the places.

Uses of Loc8tor key finder:

The uses of this device are as follows:

1. People use it for locating their wayward pets, TV remote control, handbags, keys or anything that they feel to be important.

2. There are even 10,000s people who trust it for protecting their property.

3. You can know where exactly your things are, with this device.

4. Light and sound cues are used for enabling the users to reach the place precisely where the object is located.Since it weighs just 6 grams, you can stick it easily to your wallet, purse, phone, house keys or anything that is important and can be misplaced.

5. People who are blind, as well as those who are visually impaired, can find this device highly useful. This is because Loc8tor wallet finder has the buttons with Braille like texture on them. Besides this, the audio cues also help them in locating their things.

6. Dementia patients find it extremely advantageous because they are prone to forgetting where things are kept. Thus, they do not have to always depend on the caregiver to know to the location of some specific item.

Features of Loc8tor key finder or wallet tracker:

The features of this wallet tracker that makes it highly useful are explained below:

1. Highly accurate results:

You can find a number of tracking technologies in the market. But among all these, Loc8tor wallet tracker provides the best results. With the visual and audio cues, you can get to 2.5 cm of the location of your device that is lost.

2. Long-lasting battery:

The battery of the Loc8tor lasts for nearly 12 months. Once it is drained out, you can easily replace the CR2032 battery at an affordable price.

3. Good range:

The key finder has a range of 122 meter or 400 feet in the line of sight that is good enough to prevent losing anything.
It uses RF-based technology that ensures a better rage than the GPS trackers, keyring finders and Bluetooth locators.

4. Lightweight:

The weight of this product is just 6 grams that can be attached to anything. Despite this size, it is highly efficient in finding things in the least possible time. It is the lightest one of its kind that is available for purchase in the market
You will get tags while purchasing the device. The dimensions of the lightweight homing tags are 32mm (Diam) x 6mm (D) and that of a slimline directional handset is (H) 86mm x (W) 54mm x (D) 6mm.

5. Beeping tag:

This is a tag that comes with the device while purchasing it. You need to attach it to the specific item which you want to protect. In case you forget where you have kept it, at some later point of time, it will be easy for you to find its location because of this tag.

Advantages of using Loc8tor key finder:

The benefits of using this wallet tracker are as follows:

1. Protection from theft:

If you have left anything outside, then the device will alert you so that you can quickly take it back. Thus the chances of losing your cell phone or wallet when you are outside are eliminated.

2. No need of any extra ongoing charges:

The Loc8tor key finder will be your one-time investment as it doesn’t have any rental charges or hidden costs. With just one payment, you can ensure the protection of your valuable items for years together. It has good longevity which prevents you from buying another one any sooner.

3. Ease of attachment to the device:

Being extremely lightweight, it gets attached to any of your things easily and protects them.

4. Reliability:

This is because of long battery life. So, you need not worry when you are on any tour or trip as it lasts for a whole year.

5. Money-back guarantee with the product:

The Loc8tor key finder comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. In case you are dissatisfied with the product, you will get back your money.

6. Getting optional extra tags:

There are two tags provided with the device but if you want, you can buy 2 more. You need this when you have a number of things to protect.

7. Property protection for years together:

With a one time payment for the device, you can ensure the protection of your property for many years. This needs no more extra investment or any monthly charges. This can be the best investment you can make for the peace of your mind through an effortless way of protecting the essential items.

8. Independence of the seniors:

Seniors who are usually forgetful can lead an independent life because of this device. This prevents them from facing hard times when they misplace something by mistake. Even the caregivers are relieved of a few responsibilities. So, every caregiver must definitely get one for the seniors in their home.


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