Programmable Bluetooth button
Flic button
Programmable Bluetooth button

Make your life simpler with the Flic button!

Flic button is a simple button that enables you to control your smartphone apps easily in the least duration through a click, double click or hold operations. You will no longer have to fiddle with your phone to take an action such as counting your calories or tracking your exercise. It provides a wide range of functionalities to the users.


Flic button is a wonderful little button that enables you to do a lot of things. You won’t have to spend much time doing those activities by using your smartphone. In short, we can say that it is a programmable button that helps you to easily control your smartphone apps.

Working of Flic button:

These smart buttons work just like remote control, in such a way that operating the smartphone becomes a lot easier. Using it is quite simple and involves downloading the free Flic app. You need to connect this small programmable button to your smartphone through Bluetooth and add the actions.

Controlling actions through the use of Flic button:

Linking of actions is possible by the use of three triggers, namely Click, Double Click and Hold. You can perform a single action or many actions simultaneously using these triggers. This implies that one can conveniently use various apps with a single push of this smart button by predefining them.

Sharing Flic button with others:

In a single phone, you can use one or even more Flic buttons. You do not have to carry these smart buttons everywhere. The best way is to stick a Flic button at any surface with the help of adhesive tape.
Since it is resistant to dust or moisture, you can use them even outside your home also.

If your smartphone is within 50 m of this programmable button, they will work. You will have to replace its battery after a period of 18 months and continue enjoying a simplified life with it.

Functions that can be performed with Flic button:

There is a wide range of functions that you can perform using these programmable buttons in your Android or iOS phone. These features are enlisted in the following section:

Features related to TV, Chromecast and game:
  • Android TV, which is Google mobile OS’ alternative, can be controlled using a Flic button. It acts as a remote control for triggering the voice commands, switching it off/on.
  • The button lets you enjoy live sports and use the Apple TV app to play or pause.
  • Use the smart button to operate your Chromcast devices such as pause/play, next/previous and volume control.
  • You can enjoy the multiplayer mode of the Flappy flic game.
  • It is possible to watch TV smartly and avail the on-demand services without paying the monthly subscription charges. This can be done using WebOS in the LG Smart TV.
Features associated with mobile apps:
  • It becomes easy to connect to the Wi-Fi from the various available networks using Flic.
  • You can mute the microphone using the smart button.
  • Flic button lets you send email to your selected contacts after you enter the subject and content.
  • Find your lost phone easily by switching on the vibration, flashlight, changing the sound or the screen brightness using this button. The flashlight will start by pressing it for a few seconds and will turn off on pressing it again.
  • The forScore app can be operated easily just by pushing the Flic, as you do not have to reach the screen to turn the pages. The operations that this programmable button can do includes navigation to the Next Page and Previous page. You can use the smart button in iBooks also for turning pages.
  • If you can enable admin privileges in the application, you will be able to lock your phone screen. Remove the admin privilege when you want to uninstall it.
  • Using Skype is also possible through the use of this button to make regular or video calls.
  • In Slack, just enter a predefined message using Flic button, after which rest of the things will be handled for you.
  • You can use your smartphone as a universal remote for your desktop and do every operation. There are about 90 functions that it supports. Install the Unified Remote app to use this feature. By pressing the “Build Uri”, you can open the action wizard.
  • Flic button lets you easily convert text to speech.
  • You can tweet conveniently with a click of the smart button. It has predefined text for this.
For music lovers, the Flic button can do the following wonders:
  • Take the control of your Sonos Multiroom speaker to change a song or hear the next one by pressing the Flic button.
  • SoundTouch speakers:

Whenever you want to use Spotify, Pandora, Internet radio stations or even the music library which you have stored in your devices, you can make use of SoundTouch speakers. This will not only provide you wireless access but also you can enjoy the Bose sound.

It is a wonderful feature which the caregivers can provide the elderly people in their home as they can easily operate it. All you need to do is switch on your Bluetooth to play music from your phone or else use your Wi-Fi network to listen in-home instantly by pressing the preset button.

  • Whenever you instantly want to listen to music, you can use the Deezer and explore from among 43 million tracks.    Get recommendations that are customized as per your choice and use it online or offline across all devices without restriction.
  • The smart button will let you control the inbuilt Music app in iOS to listen to your favorite songs. You can pause or play music from the Apple Music Library easily, whenever you want.
  • Use the Flic button as a buzzer and enjoy in a quiz party, each one of you assigning a different sound to it.
  • When you are curious to know about a song you heard on the radio, you can know it from the Shazam app which is triggered by the use of this smart button.
  • In Spotify, creating a playlist, or searching any song or artist is quite easy with the click of the Flic button. You can navigate music, control the volume and even save the tracks which you want to hear again.
Operating the camera:

With the Flic button, you can have a different level of experience while operating your camera on Android or iOS phone. In case of Android phone, you just need to click the button to take a picture or record a video. There won’t be any preview by default but you can choose the preview mode. It provides 3 types of flash modes and background or foreground mode.

But in case of iOS, it is required to manually open the camera app first, to click pictures. Unlike Android, it doesn’t have Background Mode.

Controlling your smart lights:
  • The smart button can be used for creating the preset configs. In case you do not want the repetition of actions on pressing the Flic, set it up to change the LIFX color to red. After this, the required action can be added and it is possible to assign various configs to the Flics.

Choose the bulbs first and toggle/on/off the LIFX lights using the Flic button. The operations that can be performed using the Flic button are on/off, pick the color/random mode, control brightness, and other effects.

  • By using the provider view, it is possible to control the smart lights. Customize the settings to enjoy all the functionalities available with Lightify using the Flic buttons.
  • Pick color or random mode or control the brightness while using the Eon smart bulbs and switches.
  • Just touch the button to alter your home’s atmosphere. You can change 10 different wireless LEDs using the remote control as well as control the brightness.
Using Flic button to ease the daily life activities:
  • The smart button helps in counting the presses for any activity you want, such as the number of sweets you ate. After pressing it for each activity, you can view the count at the end. It supports 7 types of Flics and has Leader mode and total mode.
  •  Flic button lets you set the climate, control fan and resume operations in the Ecobee. This device is meant for enhancing comfort as well as ensuring savings which play a vital role in maintaining your lifestyle. You can use these wifi-enabled smart thermostat at commercial and the residential areas.
  • Egg Clock
    It is possible to easily cook soft/medium/hard boiled eggs, or Swedish potatoes by using the Flic button to start the timer, after which you can press it again to turn it off.
  • There is an action named Jawbone that lets you keep a track of your exercise by using the Flic button to start and stop the activity.
  • This button has a funny function as it can produce 13 types of Fart sounds.
  • Using the Flic, you can set the start and end time interval of Pomodoro action as well as the divisions of the full interval. You will get a notification when an interval is over and can even pause it.
  • In the Android phone, control different services of the system with this button. In addition this, the Flic button also lets you destroy the background activities which will enhance your device’s speed.
  • You can even connect to a nearby Bluetooth device.
  • The Flic button helps you to set, snooze and dismiss your alarm.
  • Manage your electricity at home using the WeMo which is a smart power switch. Use the Flic button to turn on/off or toggle the WeMo devices.
Using Flic button in GPS navigation and safety of family members:
  • Flic button helps in using the Waze app to specify the destination while traveling and begin the navigation.
  • With a single tap on the programmable button, it’s possible to book a Uber ride.
  • Just press the Flic button to begin your phone’s navigation system. You will have to enter your destination and the type of navigation in this.
  • You can get the next departures from a station you are traveling to in Sweden by a click of this smart button.
  • Now you need not worry about your family members who are away from home as the Flic provides you an alert message. If your near and dear ones are out, you will be notified when they are home, after they press the Flic button. It supports custom mode and has 6 inbuilt messages in it.
Location sharing and web-based action:
  • Sharing the real-time location with your near and dear ones using the Glympse is quite easy. All you need to do is to select a recipient, set the duration and then send. Thus, share position and request function are the operations you can perform using this smart button.
  • In case you are wondering if Flic can be used for web-based actions, the answer is yes. These are referred to as IFTTT, i.e If This Then That. Once you are ready to set up the IFTTT action on the Flic button, you can proceed with ease. Make sure to have stable internet connectivity, so that the Flic can communicate with the IFTTT server without any issue.
Some other functions:
  • It is quite easy to build a smart home through Wink by the use of Flic. You can include all your favorite brands such as Nest, Philips, etc.
  • Create complex integrated systems with the help of Zapier. This doesn’t require a lot of time or money as Zapier will automate the regularly used apps.
  • The Flic button is also useful in making an internet request such as post, get, put, delete.
  • If you ever wanted to automate your smart home, you can do this from anywhere using the Telldus Live service.
  • When you need to spy someone, you can record the audio by a single click of this smart button. On pressing it again, the recording will stop and the audio will be stored in the music folder of your device.


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