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MedaCube: A pill dispenser for your loved ones


MedaCube is an excellent tool which helps the patients in taking the right dose of all the medicines on time without missing any.

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MedaCube is an excellent tool which helps the patients in taking the right dose of all the medicines on time without missing any. There is a lot of risk because of non-adherence to the prescribed dose intake. A study indicates the occurrence of over 125,000 deaths in a year because of the incorrect consumption of medicines.

Moreover, nonadherence to the prescribed medicines is responsible for 12% of the cases of hospital admission. But this device reduces their dependency on the caregivers which assures their loved ones that they will be alright even during their absence.

Mode of operation of MedaCube:

1. Loading the medicine:

More powerful tha a pillbox, this device is a tool in which medicine is loaded in bulk and it acts as a medicine dispenser. It supports the storage of 16 different kinds of medicines for a period of 90 days. Using automatic medication dispenser is quite easy. It helps you save a lot of time imedacube adherencen sorting and storing the pills in a box.

2. Customizing the bin configuration:

You can customize the configuration of the bin. It provides you with 16 bins of regular size, 12 bins out of which 4 are large and 8 are regular and 8 large bins. Besides this, there are customizable daily scheduling times of 20 types, dose adjustment option and the choice of as-needed medications.

3. Addition of new medicines:

Adding the new medications to this medicine dispenser is quite easy as you just need to enter its first few letters, dose quantity and time. When there is a QR code on your medication label, it becomes even easier. All you need to do is hold the medicine bottle near the bar code reader which is present in the MedaCube tool’s front portion. This will cause the automatic uploading of all the information about medicine into it.

4. Option to see the reports using MedaCube portal account:

Authorized caregivers can do this to know about the information related to medicine intake. There will be safe storage of all the information in the cloud which is accessible through the secure HIPAA compliant website. A single touch will enable sharing the information with the doctors or pharmacists. It is possible for the caregivers can find the recent dose intake on the picture shown on the pill dispenser drawer.

5. Remainders to stick to the prescription:

In case of the need for a refill of the medication dispenser, power failure, or if a person forgets to take a dose, the tool gives a notification to the caregivers. This can be in the form of a call, text message, or email.

The caregivers can authorize the medication dose through the internet portal by seeing the image of the pill. They will also get an alert when there is no internet connection of one of the drawers are open after the use. They do not have to remember to refill the medicine dispenser as it will provide alert a few days before, for obtaining a new prescription so that the patient won’t miss any dose.

Even in case of the medicines that are not in the form of pills such as the inhalers, insulin, etc, the tool provides alerts. This is through call when the patient does not take the dose within 10 minutes and then an alert to the caregiver if the patient still doesn’t take it. Regarding power, it notifies when the tool runs on battery and after the power restoration too.

Features of MedaCube:

Here are the features of MedaCube which are quite beneficial for the caregivers as well as the patients:

1. Customizing the dosing as per the prescription:

You can do this with 16 types of medications stored for 90 days. Set the “as-needed” feature or schedule the particular dose and timing. The tool can efficiently dispense a number of doses as per the customized settings throughout the day.

2. Protection of the tool from unauthorized access:

Set a PIN and others won’t be allowed to access the pills or information except for the patient. This will also protect the medication intake schedule and dosing.

3. Power backup:

The MedaCube needs to be plugged into a power outlet. But in case of a power failure, there is battery backup to make sure that it doesn’t stop abruptly. The best thing is that it can perform its functions for as long as 24 hours in case of a power outage.

4. Alert for mishandling the tool:

If someone tries to tilt the device, drops or mishandles it, it will get locked. After this, the caregiver will get an alert regarding the same. The medicines remain in the covered and sealed bins to make sure that their composition remains intact.

5. Setting reminders for non-pill form medicines:

This includes the patients, inhalers, insulin, etc for which caregivers can set different remainders in a day. There is an option to use customized recorded audio and text for this purpose.

Advantages of using MedaCube:

1. Setting up the device is easy and doesn’t need any technical know-how. Refilling it with medicine of different brand is also quite simple.

2. This device safeguards the medications when anyone tries to tilt or drop it by locking it. This continues till the caregiver comes on receiving the notification.

3. It ensures that the patients take the right dose at the right time.

4. Whenever a dose is ready, the patient gets an alert about it. He receives alerts again if he is late in taking the dose or misses it. The result is greater medication complinace to drug regimines.

5. Caregivers can feel relaxed as they do not have to remember about the medicines’ schedule anymore.

6. Whenever a new prescription is needed, the caregivers will get an alert a few days before to get it ready. This ensures the discontinuation of the medicine intake.

7. It helps the patients avoid serious conditions due to nonadherence to the prescription drugs. According to the FDA, people using it use the right dose on-time 97% of the time against the 49% in case of the nonusers.

8. Bulk loading for 90 days ensures that you do not have to frequently refill the medicines. It makes the patients significantly independent.


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