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Medical Guardian: ensuring senior safety while inside and out & about


Medical Guardian is a device for seniors that enables them to lead a safe and healthy life. Elders in the family can count on it as it enables healthy aging and helps them live without any restrictions.

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Medical Guardian is a device for seniors that enables them to lead a safe and healthy life while inside the home or during outside activities. Elders in the family can count on it as it enables healthy aging and helps them live without any restrictions. This wearable medical alert watch is one of the most reliable smartwatches in the market today.

Mode of operation of Medical Guardian:

This medical alert watch enables elderly people to get help instantly in 3 simple steps. They need to press the Medical Alert Button which can be done easily to connect with the medical monitoring center instantly. This assistance is available any time or any day, i.e round the clock. Guidance will be provided by the experts who have access to complete medical background of the person.

It helps in preventing the situation from becoming worse. In case of emergency, they even send emergency personnel to the location of the patient. Suppose, they are unable to hear the patient on call, they will call another number to make sure that everything is fine. If they are still unable to reach, the medical services will be sent promptly.medical guardan watch in black
There are situations in which a person just needs an extra hand. In such cases, the trained operators of Medical Guardian will notify the family, friends, and neighbors in the Care Circle to meet their requirements.

Features of Medical Guardian:

The features of this device which makes it an attractive option for the caregivers are as follows:

1. Quick response:

Medical Guardian makes use of the latest technology which helps in establishing instant connectivity with experts. These trained emergency operators help in resolving the issue and prevent further risks.

2. Complete network coverage:

The use of AT&T cellular services ensures full connectivity, no matter where you are in the country(U.S).

3. Waterproof device:

The wearable device is lightweight and waterproof which prevents any worries even during the rainy season.

4. Battery-powered:

The battery lasts longer because of which you do not have to change it frequently. The in-home products ensure 32-hour backup in case of a power outage.

5. A good signal range that helps in location tracking:

The in-home systems are well known for their largest signal range. It ensures safety 24/7 irrespective of the presence of a cellular or landline connection.

Similarly, on-the-go devices have GPS and WiFi features to provide instant help. It helps in finding the exact location of the device wearer within the US.

6. Reminders and alerts:

The device helps the patient to take medicines on time and attend the doctor’s appointment without fail. The Freedom Guardian’s Calendar Alerts reminds them about other social and necessary daily tasks.

7. Option to read out messages loudly:

This service keeps the elders connected with their loved ones. It is an effortless task as they can receive as well as send messages to the people in their Care Circle.

8. Predicting the weather:

The device forecasts weather of the local area. Thus the person can prepare himself for any activities outside the home.

Advantages of using Medical Guardian:

The benefits which you can enjoy with the Medical Guardian are enumerated below:

1. Simple design that is easy to operate:

Medical Guardian doesn’t have any complicated features like the smartwatches. Elders can easily navigate it and enjoy hassle-free operation. It has been built to perfectly match their requirements and lifestyle.

2. Notification when the battery drains:

Low battery alerts appear when the battery is at 15%, 10%, and 5%. This enables the wearer to charge it at the right time to ensure the continuity of its usage. Though the battery can last for as much as 48 hours, it is recommended to recharge it every night for safety. The exact duration will depend on the person’s usage.

3. Comfortable band, option to view time:

There is an analog watch face which lets the elders see the time, date and day clearly. The belt is made up of high-performance soft silicone. This makes it durable and flexible. Since it is lightweight, seniors feel comfortable wearing it all the time.

4. Easy navigation of the watch features:

This is possible by simply pressing the red button present on the sides. In case of emergency also, all a person needs to do is press and hold it for 3 seconds continuously. Since older people have issues with eyesight, the screen of the device has been made keeping this in mind.

It has large icons and hi-res color screen for ease of operation. There are color options for the band which they can choose from as per their preference.

5.Keeps the wearer prepared for the unpredictable:

There is no limit on the number of calls to the emergency center, so elders can use it without the concern of exceeding the limit. Even caregivers can use the caregiver portal to send unlimited messages.

6. Monitor the routine activities of the seniors through the app:

There is a companion mobile app which enables the Care Circle members to monitor their beloved ones. Caregivers can know their daily schedule and routine through it. They can also get a history of the alerts to track the emergency situations which occurred in a day.

The device has a pre-installed SIM that provides cellular services. This eliminates the need of using Bluetooth for various functionalities. This is how it operates even during emergency situations without needing any cell phone.

7.Enables caregivers to plan the schedule for a day for the seniors

The caregivers can enlist daily tasks such as medicine intake, drinking water, exercising, etc. This would make the lives
of elderly people simpler. That is why all the seniors must have this medical alert watch with them.

8. Easily affordable:

If we compare the benefits that Medical Guardian provides a person, the price is quite reasonable. The reason for designing the product is to support the elders and ensure their protection.

It lets them live freely without depending on others completely. Besides this, the caregivers are also relieved of consistently looking after the elders physically. They can monitor them on a real-time basis without having to be with the seniors physically.


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