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Automatic pill dispenser

MedMinder: For healthy aging and independent life

MedMinder is a reliable device that helps the seniors in the home remain independent. It is an automatic pill dispenser that has an in-built cellular link. The device can work even when there is no internet or telephone line.

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MedMinder is a reliable device that helps the seniors in the home remain independent. It is an automatic pill dispenser that has an in-built cellular link. The device can work even when there is no internet or telephone line.

Mode of operation of MedMinder:

There is an internal cellular modem in the MedMinder pill dispenser which communicates with the remote system of the device. It uses a microcell phone for establishing a connection with the monitoring station. Thus this eliminates the requirement of a computer, cell phone, telephone or access to the internet.

Setting up the MedMinder:

You do not need to have any past experience to operate this device. You can easily set it up as it is quite user-friendly. Appropriate instruction to the firm about shipping the empty trays can ensure easy filling of the trays. The patient’s dose will be filled as per the prescription.

Using the MedMinder:

There are two kinds of this device avmedminder prefilled traysailable for purchase, i.e the Jon pill dispenser and Maya Pill dispenser. Using either of them is simple as you need to lift its lid and keep the pre-filled trays inside. After this, the cover needs to be taken off and the lid has to be shut.

When it comes to refilling, you can do it manually or opt for the method of prefilled trays. The second option reduces the chances of misplacing pills when there are many medicines prescribed for the patient. Since you can control it remotely through the MedMinder website, it is possible to monitor the activities of your loved ones. There is an option of generating weekly and monthly reports of their activities.

Besides being affordable, this has a simple design along with user-friendly interface which even elderly people can use without facing any trouble. For example, unlike other electronic devices, it doesn’t have a lot of buttons and digital readouts.

Features of a MedMinder:

MedMinder has exciting features which are explained below:

1. Visual and auditory alerts:

This automatic pill dispenser reminds the patient to take his medicine through such alerts. It can be either of them or both occurring at an interval of 30 minutes. Initially, you can see a flash, after which there will be a beep and then a reminder on the phone.

If there is no response to all such reminders, a notification will be sent to the caregiver’s cell phone. This will be in the form of call, email or text message.

2. Locked compartments in MedMinder:

When a patient has to take a number of pills in a day, there is a high chance of taking the wrong one. To prevent this from happening, this device has locked compartments. The one which the person needs to take at a specific time will only be unlocked.

There is an option to set up the dosage compartment for unlocking or relocking the wider windows. This provides more flexibility to the user before or after taking the scheduled dose.

3. Easy medical alert:

A person can connect with the medical alert professionals easily through the press of a button. This opens a two-way voice channel with the specific person at the monitoring center that is UL certified.

4. Wireless pendant:

The pendant can be worn even during the rainy season as it is waterproof in nature. It is also available in the form of a watch band for men as well as women.

5. Fairly good signal transmission range:

It can transmit signals up to 800 feet which quite reasonable.

6. Battery life:

The battery life of the device is long enough to avoid changing it frequently.

7. Getting weekly or monthly reports:

Caregivers can monitor the activities of the patients on a real-time basis because of MedMinder. The device maintains a record of all this and sends it to you in the form of text or email.

If needed, the reports of handling the medicine dispenser can be generated proactively. This will help you know when the cups were removed, refilled or in case any pill was missed out.

Advantages of using MedMinder:

You can enjoy numerous benefits with the MedMinder, which are enumerated below:

1. Filling it up for multiple weeks:

You have this option which prevents frequent refilling the automatic pill dispenser. If you are taking a higher dose in a day, it will last for a lesser time. Suppose the patient takes two pills every day, it can last for 2 weeks.

The first two rows are for the first week and the second two for the next week. Similarly, if a person consumes only one pill in a day, it will last for 4 weeks.

2.Ease of refilling the medicines:

People who have serious health issues take as many as 10 pills every day. This creates chances of medication errors. But the presence of refill trays prevents this through convenient refilling.

Before the pills are over, either the pharmacist or caregivers can refill the trays. Place it in the MedMinder medicine dispenser to ensure the continuity of medications of your loved ones. This prevents you from taking any stress at the last moment when the pills are completely exhausted.

3. Greetings in the form of familiar voice:

There is an option to record voice messages in the MedMinder portal. The device will play this for your loved ones so that they feel good on hearing a familiar voice. In case of special occasions, you can set one-time personalized messages also. Another exciting benefit is that the device converts the typed personalized message into a voice format.

4. Adding more than one caregiver:

The device lets you add as many caregivers as you need. You can do this by adding their information to the secure website. All of them can set their notification preferences.  The main benefit of this feature is that you can make sure that there is someone who is monitoring the patient. This ensures complete safety.

5. No chances of overdose:

Taking the medicine though this automatic pill dispenser has the advantage that the patient neither misses any dose nor takes a higher dose. Thus, it prevents chances of hospitalization when the health problems mandates to take the right dose without fail.


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