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MyNotifi: fall detection for caregivers


MyNotifi is a unique fall detection device that saves people from getting injured by falling. This is the primary cause of death in the case of elderly people over 65 years old. If such people stumble on small things also, it can lead to serious injuries.

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MyNotifi is a unique device that saves people from getting injured by falling. This is the primary cause of death in the case of elderly people over 65 years old. If such people stumble on small things also, it can lead to serious injuries.

This fall detection device meets the device regulations of FDA Class I. Besides this, it is also HIPAA secured for privacy purposes. It is a life savior that caregivers can use for their loved ones to ensure peace of mind.

Working of MyNotifi:

This technology provides alerts to the friends or family in case of a fall. The person wearing this device has a belt clip as well as a waistband to ensure flexibility in different circumstances. The device doesn’t need any monthly fees, landline connectivity or contract to work.MyNotifi

It can work at any place whenever the person wearing it goes. The person can wear it at any place he/she feels comfortable. It can be in the shirt pocket, waistline, innerwear or even on the wrist when the activity is low.

The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it kets the wearer decide where and how to put it on. Thus they can remain independent and the caregivers can be assured about the safety of their beloved oned.

Advantages of using MyNotifi Hub:

The use of MyNotifi becomes a lot easier through the use of MyNotifi Hub. You can plug in this hub into the wall outlet and connect to the internet through an ethernet cable. Then the person can stay connected with his/her kith and kin.

Other advantages include:

1. It doesn’t need you to wear any kind of pendants which can be quite embarrassing for certain people.

2. It requires only a single time payment.

3. There is no need for a landline connection for the device to operate.

4. It doesn’t need a monthly fee.

5. Using this device, you do not even have to push a button in case of an emergency. This is because all this will be taken care of automatically every time an accident occurs.

Features of MyNotifi:

There are excellent features of this fall detection device which are enumerated in the following section:

1. Mitigating features apart from fall detection:

There are cases when it’s too late when you find your loved ones fallen down and in an incapacitated state. With this device, you can not only get an alert in case of a fall but also avail its mitigating features.

Such features of the device significantly reduce the chances of finding your beloved ones in a compromised state. This is true especially when there is a reducing chance of survival with an increase in time.

2. Ensures security

With MyNotifi, you can make the elders or others in your family or friends remain independent. Besides this, they remain safe as the device makes use of wireless Bluetooth technology so that you can know when there is an emergency. This eliminates limitations associated with the medical alert systems.

3. Quick alerts:mynotifi fall dection on wrist

The caregivers will get an automatic alert quickly during fall detection. Besides the seniors, others who have any chronic conditions can make use of this fall detection device to stay safe.

4. Exercises for better mobility:

There are numerous mobility exercises which are already loaded on the MyNotifi app. People can use this to enhance their strength and range of motion.

5. Comfortable to wear:

A person can wear the device comfortably as it has an adjustable magnetic band or belt clip that can be worn anywhere. It is waterproof so there is no need to take it off during a shower or while going out in rain.

It comes in a range of colors and in two types, i.e, i.e wristband, and clip. The wristband is a good option to wear in the shower. If there is any random situation when a person needs help, he can press the red button on the MyNotifi device.

6. A high degree of accuracy:

The device operates on the artificial intelligence neural network algorithm that has been made by taking a huge amount of data. A lot of fall tests were conducted to make sure that the device works accurately for any situation.

7. Help even during unresponsive situations:

The algorithm on which MyNotifi works is efficient enough to provide a precise location in the fall notification. Caregivers can even monitor their loved ones’ long term mobility and motion range. The design of the device ensures that even in situations when they are unresponsive, they will get help.

Ways in which MyNotifi reduces the stress of caregivers:

This fall detection device ensures complete safety through the following means:

1. It doesn’t need any call center

2. No contacts are necessary.

3. You do not need to do any paperwork.

4. The device does not need installation or maintenance of any equipment.

5. Notifications are sent to the family as well as friends 24/7.

6. There are no centralized home system or separate on-the-go devices.

7. The iOS, as well as Android device users, can avail the facility.

8. Once you charge it, you do not have to worry for the next 24-48 hours. The time for which it lasts depends on the usage and charging process.

9. Since the person carries his cell phone everywhere he goes, MyNotifi will remain with them. In the home also, the person can stay safe without needing any smartphone, through the MyNotifi Hub.

Functions of MyNotifi Safeguard:

There are certain situations when this fall detection device can’t be 100% accurate. In such cases, the person can make use of various safeguards to get the required help. These are as follows:

1. Your network contacts will get an alert as soon as you press the app’s “request for help” button or MyNotifi’s red button.

2. This fall detection device has built-in timers which ensure connectivity with the family round the clock. In case the device remains idle for 3 hours when you are awake, the contacts will get a notification.

3. It has an inbuilt disconnection timer which works all the time. Whenever the device is disconnected for 3 hours, contacts will get an alert.


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