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Caregivers of loved ones with allergies or respiratory issues face a particularly terrifying issue – dust or allergens. Not to mention the frequent trips to the hospital emergency room. A smart vacuum like the Neato Botvac can clean the house for the caregivers (and their loved ones). The Neato Botvac D3 navigates quite easily while providing better corner-to-corner cleaning.

Neato Botvac  – The Methodological Cleaner

The Neato Botvac D3 is impressive in terms of how smoothly and effectively it cleanses the entire house. LaserSmart navigation used in the Botvac D3 lets the robot to scan walls and furniture, creating a floor plan for methodical cleaning. By doing so, the Robo vacuum avoids knocking objects off the table. Plus, the vacuum can do the cleaning even in the dark – another perk of LaserSmart technology.neato botvac

Multi-room vacuuming is another impressive feature of this vacuum. The D3 does much better in terms of setting no-go boundaries in the home. Want to tell the Robo cleaner not to go underneath the end table decorative showpieces? Set a ‘perimeter’ right from the Neato App. It’s that simple.

Cleaning room with stairs going down is quite easy with the Botvac D3 Connected. The D3 comes equipped with the cliff sensor so that it won’t go down the stairs. This feature is especially useful because, unlike the Roomba iRobot, the Neato Botvac doesn’t come with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall.

When it’s time for cleaning, the Neato Botvac D3 rolls away from the charging dock and follows the navigation to get to work. Once done, the Neato Botvac vacuum heads back to the charging dock to juice up again. Post charging, the vacuum will pick up where it left off.

D3’s lithium-ion battery can run for 60 minutes at a time and once recharged, it can continue the cleaning cycle for another 180 minutes.

The Very Many Cleaning Options

Hard floor, tile, or carpet, with the Neato Botvac D3 Connected, caregivers can vacuum clean the home effortlessly. Designed to work in silence, the D3 can do all cleaning even when the caregiver isn’t home – thanks to the scheduled cleaning feature.  And with three other cleaning options (viz House Cleaning, Spot Cleaning & Eco / Turbo Mode) to choose from, owning the Neato Botvac is a win-win.

Ease of Use

The usability of the Neato Botvac D3 is a breeze. The vacuum brushes are attached, the filters are in place, everything is good to go. However, it may take a bit to get to that point without a manual in hand. Caregivers could connect the vacuum to Wi-Fi and communicate with the companion app. Or they can simply ask Alexa to start, pause or dock the Botvac D3. Social media lovers can just type ‘Start Cleaning’ in the Neato Facebook Chatbot.


Maintenance is pretty easy, with regards to the time requirement. The only tasks to do are emptying the bin and freeing the brush of any debris. However, if the motive is a thorough cleaning the main brush needs to be removed. As far as replacement is concerned, the filters, rolling brush, and battery need be replaced at regular intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Bear in mind, replacement frequency depends on how often D3 is used for cleaning home.

Who Should Buy The Neato Botvac

The Neato Botvac D3 Connected is the best bet for caregivers and their loved ones especially if they,

  • Need a smart vacuum that offers corner-to-corner cleaning – Designed like ‘D’, the Neato Botvac can reach those nooks and cranny that most Robo vacuums can’t reach.
  • Want to control the vacuum from anywhere – Thanks to its Wi-Fi compatibility, caregivers can maximize the efficiency of the Botvac D3 in a snap.
  • Have no budget-constraints – For all the smart features included Neato Botvac isn’t a budget unit. So seal the deal only after considering the price tag and maintenance cost.



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