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An introduction to Nest Guard 

Nest has been an innovator in designing modern, intuitive home automation and security solutions. As we have seen, it keeps adding new products from time to time to its already impressive portfolio. Nest Guard is another welcome addition to this ecosystem. Besides improving convenience, Nest Guard can add another layer of security to improve other products like Nest Secure, Nest Thermostat, etc. With one eye on NEST Alarm System and Nest Secure, we bring you the features of Nest Guard that make it easier to keep your loved-ones safe and secure.nest home security

Remote control your Guard through Nest app

Nest Guard allows you and other care-givers to control your security remotely. After you download the Nest app on your smartphone you have full control fo the system. You can easily arm/disarm your Nest Guard and access a number of other features and notifications through your phone – so long as your phone has an active data connection.

The Nest Guard houses an easy to use keypad, security level buttons and an info button that your loved-ones can use to control of their alarm system. Not only does it make it easy for them to control devices such as Nest Secure, but also adds an additional layer of security. Furthermore, with Nest Guard on top, you will find it extremely easy to set up and control the alarm system at their premises. Firstly, there is an in-built motion sensor that sets off the alarm on detecting suspicious motion. Secondly, Nest Guard is equipped to prevent false alarms and will not sound an alarm straightaway. Finally, its intuitive interface will light up to signal that it needs to be disarmed. However, if you do not disarm it before its ring turns completely red, the alarm will set off. As you will explore, there are multiple ways to disarm it.

Nest Guard buttons:

Now that we know the overall purpose of Nest Guard, we will explore the different buttons present on it. Let us explore different buttons and how they can be used to improve associated products like Nest Home Security and Nest Alarm System. With attention to the way they are laid out, let us categorize Nest Guard buttons as:

  • Security level buttons – When you want to switch among three different security levels
  • Info button – tells you the overall status of Nest Secure system
  • Keypad – Key in your passcode to arm/disarm alarm system

How to arm and disarm Nest Secure with Nest Guard?

If you or the care-recipient has a Nest Tag key fob, just hold it in front of Nest Guard for a couple of seconds to arm and disarm the alarm. Alternatively, key in the passcode through the keypad and the system will disarm.

Here are the options available with Nest Guard security level buttons:

Home and Guarding: This option detects opening and closing of doors/windows. You have an additional option to detect motion for doors and walls.

Away and Guarding: The ideal security mechanism to secure the premises specifically while away. As the name suggests, this mode guards the home simultaneously against both break-ins and suspicious movements. This option will set off an alarm if a door or window opens/closes or there is motion in the vicinity of doors and walls.

Off: This turns off the alarm and it will not trigger for any opening/closing or motion.

Intuitive function of Nest Alarm System

Integrated with Google Assistant, Nest Guard will speak to you and tell you the next steps. Its ring will light up with different colors to indicate what is going on. For example, consider a situation when the care-recipient returns and the alarm is turned on. The sensor on Nest Guard will sense when they approach it and ask for the passcode. Its light ring will turn yellow and get shorter to indicating time remaining to disarm the alarm.

If the Info button illuminated, it means there is a message. Press it and Guard will speak the information needed.

Detects Motion

Guard has more to it than just a simple alarm-triggering keypad. It houses a sensor capable of detecting motion up to 10 feet (3 m) away. It will trigger off the alarm the moment it senses movement.

Panic button

There is a handy panic button at the rear end of the device for emergency situations. Not only does it trigger an alarm, but also sends notifications to you and other care givers added to the Nest app. Just press and hold it until the ring turns red to trigger an alarm.. To prevent accidental pressing, Guard has a feature where it won’t sound the alarm if you release panic button before the ring fully turns red. Panic button works by over-riding the security settings. Therefore, your security setting will not affect its functioning.

Silencing panic button

If the system is not disarmed, the panic alarm will sound for 10 minutes. Enter the passcode, hold the Tag in front of Guard or use Nest app to disarm the system and stop the alarm.


Nest Guard comes with a microphone – turned off by default. Care-givers can choose to enable it by enabling Google Assistant for your Guard. Once done, it will wake up when it listens “OK Google” or “Hey Google”. You can turn the microphone settings on or off any time through the Nest App’s Nest Guard Settings option. It will help you exchange important information with the Nest Alarm System.

Built-in tamper resistance

Nest Guard has its power adapter unit secured in a bracket to prevent accidental unplugging and physical tampering. It is easy to attach to screw holes on standard wall outlet covers.

Power back-up

Nest Guard has a battery that will keep it running for at least 12 hours without power. It comes with an optional cellular back up a subscription which will continue to notify you when your Wi-Fi network malfunctions.

UL Certified

Nest Guard is thoroughly tested and certified against global standards. We worked with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) for getting Guard and other parts of Nest Secure system tested against their guidelines. Alarm loudness (85 dB sound pressure level at a distance of 10 feet or 3 m) is one example that meets UL’s guidelines.

Understand different alarm levels of Nest Secure

Here is what your Nest Secure device will and will not do with alarm level set to:

  • Off: The system will not sound any alarm
  • Home and Guarding: Opening/Closing of door/window will sound an alarm
  • Away and Guarding: If the device detects the opening of a door/window opening or motion in your home, an alarm will sound.

Nest Secure’s intuitive Home/Away assist

So far we have seen how easy it is to arm and disarm a Nest Secure system with the help of Nest Guard. Your Nest products can think on their own with the Home/Away assist feature. There is much more to its utility and ease of access, as we will see with its built-in assistant. Home/Away Assist is your personalized assistant for all Nest devices. Based on your phone’s location, it can trigger your Nest devices to perform regular tasks depending on your location.

You continue to be in full control of your security at all times. Even though you can integrate Nest alarm sysetm with other devices at your home, Nest Secure’s security status will not change no matter what is happening to devices around it. You can always choose to get a notification by Home/Away Assist about arming/disarming the device.

Eliminate passwords through Nest Tag

There are a number of ways to arm or disarm Nest Guard. You can either do it through the Nest app residing on your phone or key in your passcode on Nest Guard keypad. That been said, there is an even simpler way – Nest Tag. You can use your Nest Tag to do the same thing without remembering a passcode or taking out your phone. To explain Nest Tag further, here is a helpful link from the product page.

Nest Tag, an important component of NEST Home Security, needs a one-time setup. You can set it up through the Nest app and then assign to a user. This is an easy option to allow friends and family access to your premises without setting up their account on the app – ideal for guests who are in for a short stay.

After going through the basic information about setting up and operating Nest Guard, we can say without doubt that it is a valuable addition to the Nest home security family. Not to mention Nest Guard adds an additional layer of security to your Nest home security systems. Additionally, it is capable of working with most other smart home devices. Additionally, it simplifies things a lot, especially when you set up the Nest Tag for arming and disarming alarm systems quickly.


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