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There are numerous Nest products such as Nest Hello, Nest cameras, or Nest Thermostat. Nest thermostat app makes it possible for your near and dear ones and even the guests to control the nest products. For example, you can use it to share access to the home through the use of permissions such as Full Access or Home Entry Only.

The use of the Nest thermostat app to access Nest home:

There are three different access levels for providing access to the Nest home to others. These are as follows:

1. Being the owner:

Creating an account in the Nest app and adding a first Nest product to it makes you the Owner. This gives you the power to control all its apps, manage subscriptions, alter the billings, monitor the account and activity history, modify the settings as per your need, invite people to use it, etc.
Out of the maximum 25 people who can share Nest home, there is a single Owner and the number of Google Home members are 5.

2. Full access level:

This allows complete control of all the Nest products. You can view the account and activity history, alter settings, as well as invite people for using the app.
Up to 9 people can access the Nest home completely at this level.

3. Home Entry Only Level:

The people who can access the Nest home at this level can’t control the products of Nest directly. They are assigned a passcode through which they can access it. Only the Owner or someone with a Full Access has the power to alter the passcode or schedule access time.nest thermostat app

At this level, it is not possible to watch the history of the accessible home also. When a Nest Secure or Nest x Yale Lock has been installed in a home, you can only get the Home Entry Option. Up to 10 people can access the Nest home at this access level

Accessing the Nest home:

People who have access to the Nest home are visible in the Nest thermostat app except for the Google home members. You can know those who are accessing it by clicking on the Settings option in the home screen of the app and then selecting the Family & Guests option. At the top, you can find the ones who have Full Access and at the bottom, the Home Entry Only are enlisted.

If the schedule end date has passed then such Home Entry Only members can’t arm or disarm the lock system of Nest, i,e the Nest x Yale Lock. You can know this if access expired has been mentioned next to them. It is never a good practice to share the login credentials with others as it can break the Nest home’s security. This can sometimes cause unexpected behaviors of the Home or Away Assist. An anomaly may occur in the form of switching the Nest Thermostat mode to Eco mode from heating mode, etc.

Inviting people to Nest Home and providing them access:

When you want to grant Full Access to someone then you need to know that they can see and control the Nest products. They can even invite others to share the Nest home. So, this access level is quite preferable for those who stay in your home. It is necessary to ensure that the Nest thermostat app to which others has to be given access is active in the home screen of the app, in case there is more than one home. Otherwise, you need to click the Menu icon and choose the home at the screen buttom.

For adding someone, click on the Settings option in the home screen of the app and then the Family & Guests option. In the absence of Nest x Yale Lock, only the Family option will appear. After clicking on Add a Person, you can enter his/her name and click Continue. In the presence of Nest Secure or Nest x Yale Lock, the option to select from the Full Access or Home Entry Only will appear. You can select the first one of the two.

In case you want to add someone from your contact then you can do it by clicking on Add from Contacts or else enter the person’s email address. You can even add a personal message for inviting the person and click Send. After this, he/she will get an email invitation from in a few minutes. If the invitee doesn’t have a Nest thermostat app, he/she has to create one, for getting access.

Granting limited access through the Home Entry Only option:

This option is suitable for your guests or someone to whom you do not want to give the Nest thermostat’s or any other Nest products’ visibility or control. On selecting the Home Entry Only option, an entry passcode will be generated by the Nest App. After this, you can schedule when the person can use home. The home which has to be given access to the guest must be active in the app home when the number of home exceeds one.
The steps in the Full Access can be followed here also, just by selecting the Home Entry Only option instead of the Full Access option. Then it will generate an entry passcode for the guest.

You can even set your own passcode by selecting the Change Passcode option, entering the new one and then clicking on the Save button. In order to set the starting and the expiry of schedule, use the Starts and Expires option respectively. This will enable you to control if the person can use it all day or during specific times or on certain days only. On clicking on the Send info option, the person will get the passcode. If you want to send a message, you can do it before selecting the Send option.  The concerned person will get an email intimation from in a few minutes.

Inviting another Nest home:

When there are two homes and you want a person to share both, then each home needs a separate invitation. After inviting them to one home, click on Menu and select the other home to switch between homes.

Accepting the invitation to Nest home through email:

For both the Full Access and Home Entry Only access, you need to follow different steps:

1. Full Access

On receiving the email invitation,  accept it using any device or web browser and log in to your Nest thermostat app. In case you do not have one, create an account using the same email id that received the invitation. You can use another email id also. But, in this case, you will have to ask the inviter to reinvite you using the email which you want.

2. Home Entry Only Access:

Find a unique passcode in this access level, in your email invitation by clicking on the Get the passcode option. Use this code in the Nest Guard’s keypad for arming and disarming Nest secure. You can even enter it on Nest x Yale Lock keypad for unlocking and locking a door. Here, you will also be able to find the specific schedule of entry or exit if it is set.

Controlling and sharing access to Nest products using Google Home app:

It is possible to control the Nest products through the home view of Google Home app. It can also be done using Google Smart Display. For this, the products need to be initially set up with the Google Home app. If you want, you can invite other family members to control the products.

You can use your voice or do it centrally through the devices linked to Google Assistant. All you need to do as an Owner is just download the Google Home app for your iPhone or Android phone and connect the Nest products to it. For instance, in a Nest thermostat, you can change the temperature and alter the mode between heating, cooling, and Eco. Similarly, you can watch a video by live streaming it.

The Owner can invite up to 5 members to manage smart products and Nest products. But they will remain invisible in the Nest app. For viewing them, you have to use the Google Home app as well as be a member of Google home. These members are not the same as those who have access to the Nest home through the Family Accounts.

Preventing access to Nest home:

Suppose you had invited someone through the Nest thermostat app but no longer want the person to access Nest home. In this case, you can remove the person easily using the Nest app. But If it was shared using Google Home app, use the home manager with the Google Home app for removal.

You can remove anyone if you have a Full Access except the Owner. Thus the person can neither access nor control the Nest thermostat or other Nest products or services at home. Even the notifications regarding your Nest products will stop. A member with Full Access will be notified from the Nest app regarding his removal.

The emails of the person with Home Entry Only access are not saved in your account. Such persons don’t use the Nest app also, so they won’t get any notification after their removal. That is why you need to inform them while doing this.



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