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Novalte Emitto: For independent and better lives


Novalte Emitto is a perfect device for professional caregivers to enable their beloved ones to lead better and fuller lives. It significantly reduces your burden of caring for the elders and your beloved ones.


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Novalte Emitto is a perfect device for professional caregivers. Even you as a care provider can use it to ensure the independence of your clients. This will help them lead better and fuller lives. It significantly reduces your burden of caring for the elders and your beloved ones. This is accomplished through recapturing 45 minutes a day for each staff member through the elimination of getting involved in usual routine work.

Use of Novalte Emitto:

Emitto is helpful for the people whose mobility is restricted. Such people can use it to easily control the electronic devices present in their home.
This includes opening the front door, turning up the air conditioner, etc. which can be done without taking any assistance.

Advantages of using Novalte Emitto:

The benefits of using Novalte Emitto are as follows:

1. Including it in the individual care plan enables a significant elimination of the caregiver’s involvement in every small routine task.

2. The devices make physically challenged people live independently. It provides them the freedom as well as control of various simple tasks.

3. You can spend better time on quality connections as well as personal interaction through the realization of new efficiencies in the care workflows.

4. The irritation and friction that arises out of dependency on the caregivers.  It decreases because of the elimination of the need to wait for them for completing any routine work.

5. This removes the need for any specialized technical skills for managing the system in the organization. It is accomplished through the remote support which causes the smart devices to remain integrated.

6. The investments made in healthcare can be redistributed in the person-centered care activities of superior quality.

7. There is an accelerated transition of care facilities into the community for the individuals.

8. The use of cloud technology helps the Novalte Emitto to connect with other items. Once the consultation and installation works are over, it is easy to maintain and modify. You can conveniently contact the Novatel team and adapt to the solution remotely after informing them about the changes you have made.

9. You can make use of your voice, smartphone, Google Home, accessible switches, etc. to operate the Emitto ecosystem.

Devices that you can control using Novalte Emitto:

Whatever need you have, it doesn’t matter as Emitto can meet any requirements. It can be controlled in different methods. Its remote reprogramming is also possible. In case of any degenerative illness or any mishap, use the trusted switches to avail the complete advantage.

A few devices which you can control using Emitto are as follows:

1.Adjustable Bed

2. Lights

3. Monitor icon

4. Television and Cable Box

5. Doors- automatically opening the door

6. The thermostat and a/c

7. Fan as well as Air Conditioning


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