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Nut Key Locator: Why should you own one?

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The Nut key locator is an extremely useful device for those who are generally forgetful. If you are someone who has to search for things every time, then this is a perfect device for you.

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The Nut key locator is an extremely useful device for those who are generally forgetful. If you are someone who has to search for things every time, then this is a perfect device for you. It prevents from losing things as well as alarms you when needed. Thus it makes the lives of the users easy, especially when the seniors are involved.
There are 3 variants of the Nut key locator available, namely Nut find 2, Nut Mini, and Nut Find 3.

Working of Nut key locator:

You can combine Nut key finder with your things after purchasing it through some easy steps. This includes downloading the Nut app and pairing it with your cell phone. After this, you do not have to worry about losing your phone anymore.nut key locator

Features of Nut key locator:

There are amazing features of this key locator which makes it a very useful device for the seniors as well as other family members. These are explained in the following section:

1. Finds things through GPS location:

The Nut key locator app is an efficient tool for locating things. The device works with the app and helps you in getting the real-time location of your beloved ones. If you have any important items and you feel that they might be lost, you can bind them with this device.

2. Find items with a single touch:

A single touch is what you need to find the items you have been searching for. Thus, seniors can also operate it with ease.

3. Smart Anti-loss

Whenever the connected items become disconnected with your cell phone, you will receive an alert from the Nut App. So, even if you have left them by mistake, you can collect them at the right time. This will also safeguard your things against theft.

4.Sharing Nut key locator with a group:

Sharing the device is allowed for up to 20 accounts. Doing this will let the group members control the device.

5. Recording the real-time location

There is a real-time location map in the Nut app which maintains a record of the last location that was connected. This enables you to track it easily.

6. The network of lost and found:

It will become easy to get back your lost items when you declare the loss. You can also do this by sharing with your WeChat friends and seeking their help for the same.

7. Flexible and smart settings:

With a single touch, you can set interim silent time. If there is any interruption, there will be an automatic recovery of the alert after the time is up.
If you want to turn off the alerts for specific regions such as home or office, you can do so by setting the silent region. Once out of this region, it will recover automatically.
Just like the silent region, you can set the silent period when the alarm will not work.

8. Security:

The device makes use of industry-level security encryption technique. This ensures that except you, no one else can control your personal account.

Nut Find 3 key locator:

This is one of the best designs of the Nut key locator. It is able to perform 6 functions which are:

1. One-touch for finding things:

When you are unable to find your vehicle keys while going to the office, you can call the Nut through your phone. This will help in easily finding it out. You can even find your phone by touching the Nut to call it. This is very especially when you are alone.

2.Prevention of theft:

In case you forgot your wallet in the cafe, you can instantly receive a notification from the Nut app to get it back. This eliminates the chances of theft.
The similar situation will prevent you from forgetting your phone when you are on an outing. The app does this through a reminder.

3.Group control for lost and found:

On attaching a Nut key locator with the remote control, it becomes easy for anyone in the family to find it out. This is also applicable to other things which have a good probability of being misplaced in the home.
In certain instances, there are a lot of Nut app users who can help you in getting back the lost things.

4. Connectivity:

The device makes use of Bluetooth low energy for operating. It has ARM main stream M0 Chip in which the single MIPS consumes half energy with respect to the other cores. Also, with respect to the arithmetic capacity, its capacity is 3 times more.

5. Longer battery backup:

The Nut key locator has a European original Bluetooth chip. Along with this, the algorithm for power optimization is highly optimized which makes the battery last for up 6-8 months or even 1 year.

6. Use of high-quality audio chip:

This along with the self-owned audio algorithm ensures a high-quality sound. So, there is no chance that you might miss an important alert.

7. Availability in a range of colors:

White, grey, pink and green are the 4 colors in which you can get this device. Thus you can choose the one that best suits your taste and avails its benefits.

Nut Find 2 key locator:

This product also comes with the same features as the above variety. But it is available in different color variations, namely white, green, orange and coral.

Nut Mini key locator:

This small device is your diligent assistant just like the one you can have in real life. The features of this product are smart anti-loss, finding products with a single touch, a network to help you in finding lost things, provides bidirectional alerts. All these are same as the ones we have discussed in the Nut Find 3 key locator.
Apart from this, its distinct features are:

1. Lightweight and attractive:

It has the thinnest part that has been built through the stacking of buzzer, PCB and CR2016. This completely makes use of the interior structure. It has only a thickness of 5.3mm which makes it extremely lightweight as well as attractive.

2. Low power consumption:

This device uses the Nordic BLE chip having the ARM-M0 processor core. It is efficient to operate with consumption of very low power. This makes its battery last for as many as 100 days.  Despite having such a delicate design, it has a very good performance.


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