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one touch gps
GPS tracking watch for elderly

One Touch GPS: GPS tracking for the elderly


OneTouch GPS is a GPS tracking watch for elderly. The device ensures immediate help to the user through a single touch of a button. There are trained personnel who will provide immediate help on the basis of the user’s GPS location.

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One Touch GPS is a GPS medical alert device for the elderly. At the touch of a button, seniors can get immediate help no matter where they are outside or inside the house. A signal goes to trained personnel who send the emergency help based on the user’s GPS location.

How One Touch GPS works:

The One Touch GPS device operates as following:

1. If the senior has an emergency or needs help, he or she just clicks the help button on the device to summons help.

2. After this, a connection will be established with the US-based operators from the command centers who provide the required assistance.

3. Till the user gets the help, the agent remains connected to ensure that he/she is not alone. Besides this, they will also alert the care-providers, doctors, neighbors or family members.

Advantages of One Touch GPS:

One Touch GPS is a GPS medical alert device offering the following advantages:

1.Round the clock help:

The caregivers can rely on One Touch GPS as the trained agents are available 24/7 for monitoring and offering help.

2. Use of GPS to locate your loved-one:

The built-in GPS in the device ensures help to the user in the precise touch gps

3. Waterproof device:

Any splashes of water or sudden rain won’t affect the OneTouch device. Thus the caregivers can ensure that the seniors take the device with them all the time. It doesn’t matter if it is a shower or any season of the year, the design ensures that it will be a perfect fit for any type of lifestyle.

3. Fall Detection:

There is an option for automatic call initiation to the agents in case a fall is detected. In case the user doesn’t provide any response to the inquiries of the agent, help will be provided to the device location.

4.Simple to operate:

Operating the device is quite easy as the emergency services are available with the click of a single button.

5. A wide network coverage

Theis emergency device makes use of 4G LTE services which is available throughout the nation. So, it doesn’t matter where the user is,  help will definitely be provided.

6. Certified and trained agents:

The staff of One Touch GPS is well trained and certified individuals who can deliver the right support during an emergency situation 24/7. Thus, the care-providers can rely on this US-based monitoring service.

7. Quick response time made possible by GPS tracking:

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, the agent will provide a quick response to the users. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute has awarded the OneTouch GPS for having the fastest response time.

8. Comfortable to wear:

The device can be worn easily without any problem as it is available in a slim and sleek design. All they need to do is, slip it into their pocket or else make them wear it around the neck.

9.Cost-efficient device:

A care-provider just needs to pay a monthly charge of $19.99 for availing all the services for the safety of the seniors. Thus, it is an affordable safety device that every family should get for seniors in the home.

10. Access the account easily:

The management of account details, payment methods, as well as the resources, becomes easy through the OneTouch Care portal of the product.

12. One Touch GPS offers easy setup:

Activating One Touch GPS is quite simple. Care providers activate the device with a simple test performed by pushing the button. This sends a signal to the trained agent that the device is ready to be setup.


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