panic button for seniors
panic button for seniors

Panic button for seniors: V.Alert


V. Alert is a panic button for the seniors that is available in the form of a wearable button which you can carry in your bag or pocket.

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V. Alert is a panic button for the seniors that they can take with them everywhere. This emergency button for elderly is available in the form of a wearable button which you can carry in your bag or pocket. You can also wear it in the wrist or as a pendant in the neck. It ensures help with a single button click.

Working of the panic button for seniors:

This emergency button for elderly uses Bluetooth Smart technology. It operates with the mobile app for making phone calls or sending messages from the smartphone. Once the person presses the V.alert help button, his GPS location, as well as a personalized text message, is sent to three present v.alrt panic button for seniorscontacts. Thus caregivers can arrive for help on time during an emergency and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Benefits of using the panic button for seniors:

There are numerous advantages of this emergency button for the elderly. These are as follows:

1. Remains with you all the time:

Since the device is wearable and can also be easily carried anywhere, there is no chance of leaving it. It stays with the person in the form of a keychain attachment or wrist band, no matter where the person goes.

2. Caregivers can remain relaxed:

If one doesn’t like wearing this emergency button for elderly, he can keep it in the pocket or bag while traveling. In this way, caregivers can be sure that elderly people are safe, no matter where they go. Also, this doesn’t make it mandatory for them to remain with the seniors physically all the time to ensure their safety.


The device is compatible with the Android as well as the iOS, so everyone can use it conveniently. It supports iPhone 4S or iOS 7 or newer versions, Android 4.3 and above as well as with Bluetooth 4.0.

4. Longer battery life:

This panic button for the seniors comes with a battery life of up to 1 year which eliminates the need for frequently changing them. A standard CR2032 watch battery powers it. You can replace this removable battery easily once it is completely exhausted.

5. Alerts in case of out of range:

Sometimes it may happen that the V.Alert moves to an area beyond the coverage region of the smartphone. In such cases, the owner of both devices will hear an audio notification. This will help them act accordingly so that the safety of the senior can be ensured.

6. No monthly charges needed:

The panic button for seniors makes use of a smartphone in order to operate. This eliminates the need for paying any monthly charges for its services.

Features of the panic button for seniors:

The V.alert has excellent features that make it a device which every senior must possess. These characteristic features are:

1.Waterproof device:

This personal alert button of V.Alert has an IP67 rating with respect to its waterproof capacities. Thus a person can go anywhere by wearing it, even during the rainy days, without the fear of damaging it. They can also go to the pool, have a shower or enter the bathtub by putting on the wearable device.

2. Detects falls:

There is an option to turn on the fall detection. This feature helps in sending the alerts automatically after a period of 60 seconds whenever the person falls. Thus the caregiver can quickly come and take the necessary measures.

3. Alerts the emergency contacts:

The V.Alert sends a GPS location to the emergency contacts of the wearer besides the alert text messages and phone calls.

4.Customizable alert type:

This emergency button for elderly has an option for customizing the type of alert. Once the emergency button is pressed, a command is transmitted to the cell phone to send a message to the preset contacts. After this, the contacts receive a call regarding the same.

5. Good coverage:

The wireless range of the panic button for seniors is fair enough as it covers 75′ indoors and in the outdoors it can cover 300′ with the help of Bluetooth 4.0.


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