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PETKIT Eversweet 2 Smart Pet Water Dispenser

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A pet water fountain such as PetKit Eversweet 2 is an indispensable pet accessory. Unlike in a bowl, water in a pet fountain is constantly filtered and aerated. This means that it’s fresher, safer, and can boost the cat’s thirst drive. Another group that gets benefited from a pet drinking fountain is the caregivers.  Reaching to fill, re-fill, and clean water bowls every day is no fun. So a gift of PetKit Eversweet 2 Smart Pet Water Dispenser is a double bonus: no more water bowl chore and the loved one’s cat remains hydrated and healthy.

What Features Petkit Eversweet Pet Water Fountain Offer

The smart features of the Eversweet 2 include:

  • Built-In Water Filtration System: The triple filtration system of PetKit traps dirt, odors, and heavy metal ions. The filter system also removes any harmful chemicals or toxins in the water. In turn, this may reduce the chances of urinary or kidney issues in cats.
  • Smart Alerts: The PetKit has a built-in alert system; orange LED for filter change and blue LED for low water levels. When the water level is low, the fountain will switch off automatically. This prevents the Eversweet 2 from burning out – something that happens when there’s no water in the fountain.
  • Innovative dual-mode technology: The Eversweet 2 features two working modes: Smart mode and Normal mode. Smart mode is the energy-saving mode wherein the light sensors help set water welling frequency by recognizing day from night. On the other hand, Normal mode is where the water welling and filtering occur continuously.
  • Ultra-silent pump: Equipped with a 12V ultra-silent pump, this pet drinking fountain doesn’t make even a gentle hum when working.
  • Dynamic Water Flow: The Petkit pet drinking fountain has a dynamic water flow effect to attract picky drinkers. The sleek, transparent inner container allows pet owners or caregivers to check water quality.
  • Large Internal Storage Capacity: PetKit has a capacity of 2 liters, and it’s more suitable for kitty’s that require more water. It will still last more than a day even if there is more than one cat. Another perk is that there’s no need for frequent refilling.

Setup: It’s pretty easy

PetKit pet drinking fountain is great in that it is simpler to assemble. It has a bottom case that houses the power cable, a tank insert containing the pump two top pieces, and a filter. Stack the pieces atop one another and lock them into place – assembly is that simple.  Although Eversweet 2 has a plastic body, its parts are far less flexible. That means, it is sturdier and is less prone to being knocked around (or bitten) by hyper pets.

How Does The Eversweet 2 Pet Fountain Work

The Petkit Eversweet 2 is a simple plug-and-play smart pet fountain. Just plug the unit in and fill the tank with two liters of water. The fountain has a removable inner tank to ease filling and refilling. Also, there is a water recirculating system and filters to ensure clean water. The triple purifying system is comprised of,

  • Mesh screens – filters hair and debris as the water cycles past.
  • Activated carbon filter – ensures water is always odor-free and drinkable
  • Ion-exchange resin – traps and removes traces of heavy metal ions in water.

Maintaining the pet water fountain

Investing in PetKit Eversweet 2 pet fountain will set the caregivers in good stead. Keep the pet fountain in the best condition by,

  • Changing the carbon filters (every 2 months or so) will prevent the fountain from becoming clogged with dust or hair. It also ensures that water is free of chemicals or mineral deposits.
  • Deep cleaning the U-sponge and the inner tank regularly
  • Monitoring water pump for dirt and debris. It should be cleaned when the water flow is low.

Key Benefits of PetKit Eversweet 2

  • The intelligent working modes keep the cat thoroughly hydrated while ensuring pet owners don’t unnecessarily waste water or electricity.
  • With the triple purifying system, this pet fountain keeps dirt, debris or metal ions out of the kitty’s water.
  • Eversweet 2 is simple to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, so there’s less hassle for the caregivers and cleaner water for the cat.
  • Unlike most cat water fountains, PetKit fountain doesn’t burn out if it runs completely dry. The Eversweet automatically switches itself off. It’s safe.

In short, a filtering pet fountain such as PetKit helps the cats stay better hydrated. Plus, it also reduces a caregiver’s workload as it reduces the time and effort to keep water bowls.


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