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Smart technology isn’t only for humans. There are some incredible devices that focus on pet care as well. The Petnet SmartFeeder is one such smart device – a connected automatic feeder that’ll never forget to feed the pets! The PetNet is a fave among the caregivers and seniors alike – it links to Alexa, send updates to the smartphone on when the pet got breakfast – and send alerts, ideally, when food or battery runs low.

How The Petnet Smartfeeder Works

Petnet’s auto pet feeder is a Wi-Fi food bowl with an automatic dispenser and a compatible mobile app. Pour 5 to 7lbs of dry food in the petnet auto pet feedercontainer and close the lid. Petnet recommends kibbles sizes between 1/8 and 5/8 inches in diameter. According to Petnet, the SmartFeeder can dispense between 1/16- and 1 1/2-cup portion per feeding. Because of bowl size and dispensing limitations, Petnet SmartFeeder is best suited for small to medium-sized dogs or cats under 50 pounds. Standing 15.32 inches tall, the auto pet feeder comes with a childproof-style locking tab, ensuring that the cat/dog won’t be able to access it.

Installation is hassle-free – download the companion app, create an account and pet’s profile, fill the feeder and start scheduling. The app is really the brain of the feeder system, where caregivers can program and track feeding time, portion sizes and calories, feeding interval, and more. The app also gives suggestions based on the pet and the type of food it eats. Also, it keeps the track of the feeding schedule, and give feed alerts.

The Petnet has smart sensors to detect if the pet is eating the right amount. Also, they send feed refilling alerts. The best part: the learning software keeps tabs on feeding.  It stores and accesses Cloud data for healthy food suggestions.

Petnet Is Perfect For Connected Homes

For caregivers, smart home technology is a boon. And, as more smart devices are added into the home, ensure they work with each other. Speaking of which, Petnet connects to Alexa in seconds, allowing you to say, “Alexa, ask Petnet to feed Max”.  To make things even more convenient, Petnet SmartFeeder works with Google Assistant as well.

Another perk:  The smart feeder also links to Nest Cam, taking snaps of Max while he’s eating.

What Caregivers Can Do On Their Smartphone Through The App

Petnet app makes programming a feeding schedule a no-brainer for busy caregivers. Just choose the feeding times, portion sizes, and set the dispensing speed – it’s that simple. The smart feeder also calculates ideal portions based on the pet’s age, weight, and activity levels.

Away from home but want to feed a one-off feed? It’s just a click away. The Petkit smart water dispenser is a good complement to this feeder.

Feeding time, inventory capacity, and battery life   – the Petnet keeps the users in the know with timely alerts.

Petnet app also gives an insight into the amount of food the pet has eaten. If it is ‘Too much’, reduce the portion size; if the app shows ‘Too Little’, reprogram the meal plan; and, if it’s ‘Just Right’, pat your shoulders!

Petnet Battery Backup

Compared to other automatic pet feeders, the Petnet SmartFeeder has both AC adapter and a built-in battery to juice up the unit. With a life of about 7 hours, the battery acts as a back-up in case the power is cut off or the SmartFeeder is accidentally unplugged. Petnet sends alerts if the battery is dying so users can charge the unit.

The Bottom Line

Similar to smart litterbox cleaners, the Petnet SmartFeeder is an excellent choice for caregivers attending to loved-ones with pets in the household. The Petnet app does a great job of scheduling and tracking meals, instant warning alerts, feed recommendation and more. Plus, it puts an end to over- and under-feeding. More importantly, this affordable unit works well with other smart home devices, making it our choice for smart pet feeders.


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