flic programmable bluetooth button
Programmable Bluetooth button
Flic button
Programmable Bluetooth button

Programmable Bluetooth button: To control the smart lights


Flic is as a programmable Bluetooth button eliminates all the hassle associated with the use of smartphone apps to perform a specific operation.

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Flic is as a programmable Bluetooth button that makes the life of the caregivers quite easier. It is simple to use and eliminates all the hassle associated with the use of smartphone apps to perform a specific operation.
Let us dive into the details of this single find button.

Details about the programmable Bluetooth button:

This button provides you numerous features to ensure your complete convenience. These have been explained in the following section:

1. Ease of controlling the smart home lights:

There are a number of top smart home companies with which Flic has collaborated. This makes controlling the smart lights easier for the customers. No matter where you are in your home, you can do this using this a programmable Bluetooth button easily.flic bluetooth button


Even if you use the Flic button frequently, you won’t have to change its battery very often. This is because they have been designed to last for almost 24 months. Although it has tiny size, less than that of a coin, it operates in a decent range of 50m or 150 ft.

3.Variety of actions:

This Flic button is quite versatile as it lets the users do many functions with just a click. This includes clicking pictures, controlling the songs, navigating to a location, etc. There are three operations of the Flic which you can do to trigger any such actions. These are Click, Double Click, and Hold.

4.Fix the programmable Bluetooth button anywhere:

This Flic button can be attached to any surface with a clip or an adhesive sticker. The sticker is reusable so, whenever you need it to stick it at another place again by peeling it off.

5.Compatibility and protection:

The Flic is compatible with iOS as well as Android. You can use it with your iPad 3rd gen, Android 4.4 and above, iPhone 4s and other devices that come with Bluetooth 4.0. It can be connected to the smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy, offering a connectivity range of 50m. Since it is resistant to dust and weather, you can use it outside also.

6. Control a large number of apps:

With this smart button, you can control various apps just with a single press without having to fiddle with the details. Thus a lot of time is saved. There are more than 40 apps, that you can control with this a programmable Bluetooth button, some of which are Wemo, IFTTT, Philips Hue, music apps, messaging apps, etc.

Specs of the Single Find Button:

Here are the product specifications of the Single Find Button:
1. Its manufacturer is the Flic company and has a product number RTLP001.
2. Its UPC is 106388085100.
3. The product has a CR2016 battery.
4. It can operate within a distance of 50 m from the device.

What’s included in the product?

In this product, you will get one Flic Single Location button and a clip.


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