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Ripple Safety: emergency button for seniors


Ripple Safety is a wearable device that ensures the protection of seniors or anyone who wears it. With the press of the emergency button, the contact of the person gets a notification.

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Ripple Safety is a wearable device that ensures the protection of seniors or anyone who wears it. With the press of the emergency button, the Ripple Team sends the required emergency services. It covers the geographical areas of the United States including Hawaii and Alaska.

How the Ripple safety alert button works:

The United States-based monitoring system of Ripple is available 24/7 throughout the year to make sure that all the alerts caused by the emergencyripple emergency pendant button are answered.

1. Establish a live connection with a team member with just one click:

The complete profile along with the location information of the senior is with the Ripple safety team member. With a single click, the senior can contact the team and talk live. The call with the team member will continue until the senior is safe and secure.

3. Emergy help through three simple clicks:

This emergency panic button helps the senior avail the services in case of any urgency. It sends the senior’s location as well as relays the necessary physical and medical information to the first responder.

Benefits of using Ripple safety:

There are a number of benefits associated with using this emergency pendant. These are enumerated below:

1. Portable:

Available in the form of a pendant, the Ripple Safety can be taken anywhere. Owing to its light-weightedness, a senior can clip it or wear it all the time.

2. Resistant to water:

This makes the device suitable for use during the rainy season while taking a shower or even while enjoying in a swimming pool. It has an IP67 certification which implies that it will be safe up to 1 m water for a period of 30 minutes.

3. Long battery life:

This emergency button comes with a huge battery life of 6 months. Thus you do not have to worry about frequently replacing its battery or even charging the device every day.

4.GPS location:

The Ripple Safety connects with the safety team via the GPS function within the senior’s mobile phone. This makes Ripple a tracking device that enables the Ripple team to contact the senior whenever he or she may be.

5. Minimal charges:

The pricing is reasonable considering the safety it provides. The comfort it provides Caregivers is priceless.

Features of Ripple safety:

The features of this emergency button which makes it one of the most loved devices of caregivers are as follows:

1.Option to send alerts:

Some care givers do not want monitoring services all the time. In such situations, they can make use of the feature that lets them send an alert to their friends or family only when they need.

2. Seek help with a click:

With a single click, a person can send an alert text message to 5 pre-selected contacts. This will let the caregivers know their situation so that they can immediately come for help. In case of an emergency, you can do the same through 3 clicks.

4. Fit the Ripple emergency button anywhere:

This emergency pendant can easily fit on a key chain or your shirt or any place where you find it convenient. So you won’t face any problems while carrying it with you when you are traveling.

5. No need of signing any contract:

You use the Ripple safety services and cancel it any time when you feel that you don’t need it. This is because you do not have to sign any contract initially.

6. Compatibility:

Like the Fliq button, Ripple is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready device, iOS 10.0 or above and Android 7.0 and above.

7. Option to change the type of notification:

If there is some specific way you want a notification, such as through a call or a text message, do it by altering the preferences in the mobile app at any time.

8. Good coverage:

The emergency pendant works with Bluetooth and has a coverage of up to 120 feet. This changes with the type of surrounding.

9. No sharing of the Ripple Safety:

The device which you have is linked to your profile and is meant to particularly identify you. So, you must not give it to someone else. Also, it is tied to personal subscription because of which multiple people can’t use it. The Ripple team will be able to see your profile in case of any alert and revert to your phone.


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