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Consumers’ interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) has really taken off globally. Smart devices are becoming more efficient and affordable. Consequently, the adoption of smart home devices has been on the rise. IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker expects this market to grow at 26.9%. It also expects 1.6 billion smart devices shipments in 2023. Samsung SmartThings is a major innovator in this space. Smart Hub is another of Samsung’s offerings. Let us explore how it simplifies life for all users. The elderly and caregivers will find it especially useful.

What makes Samsung Smart Hub Special?

Samsung Smart Hub is a welcome upgrade over its predecessor. This comes with welcome Wi-Fi connectivity, lack of which in the earlier version was a deal breaker. Smart devices (plugs, lights, locks, camera, thermostat, speakers, etc.) have become a way of life for us. Although we love customizing them per our needs, having too many smart things in your home comes with a problem of its own. As we all have experienced, it gets cumbersome to download an app for each manufacturer in order to operate his device. This is where Samsung SmartThings Hubs comes to the rescue. Let us have a detailed look at its design, functionality and salient features that make it an easy-to-use device. Along the way, we will present its usability from the point of view of the SmartThings hub


There is a lot of competition in connected devices space and Samsung has kept up with the game. The Hub comes in a sleek, oval shape that is easy to move around, although portability is not a feature you would use much on a daily basis. It has a simplistic, uncluttered look about it which is valuable, especially for the elderly who tend to get intimidated by tech. Though Samsung has retained the ethernet port, you are most likely going to use it wirelessly.


Samsung SmartThings Hub is an upgrade over its previous wired version in the true sense, thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity. Lack of wireless connectivity was a deal breaker for many users, but not any longer. That said, it still retains the wired connectivity option via the Ethernet port. It recognizes your ZigBee and Z-Wave devices even from a 100 ft. distance. If you are a caregiver and have already invested in smart devices to make life simple for the elderly, you can control them centrally.

Samsung SmartThings App – The Game Changer

The SmartThings App has been completely redesigned and it stands the Samsung Smart Hub apart from contemporary products. Besides having a simplistic design, it is very easy to set up. Once you set it up, its home screen gives you a very intuitive interface. It lets you see the status of your connected devices, how to add a new device, helpful links, a link to buy more SmartThings products and a scene creation window. The elderly will find this very easy to work with and gain confidence that they are in full control of things around them. The app has a lag-free operation and is very smooth to operate.

Voice Control your Smart Devices

Voice-activated devices are becoming popular by the day. All technology giants have already rolled out their virtual assistants and integrated them with smart home products like speakers, locks, lights, etc. Samsung SmartHome Hub comes with voice recognition feature and it works well with a host of virtual assistants (Google Assitant, Amazon Alexa, etc.) and smart products. This is one feature that the elderly are just going to love. They are usually apprehensive about operating a number of smart devices through mobile apps. Therefore, just telling a central hub what to do is an easier, stress-free option. The devices have a short response time, giving near-instant feedback to your voice commands.

Works with Popular Smart Products Brands

It is likely that by now you have already invested in Z-Wave and ZigBee based smart devices. However, new technology is invading our lives every day. Your older devices run the risk of becoming obsolete. Not with the Samsung SmartThings Hub, though. Although it is contemporary in every sense, it still works with the older protocols like ZigBee and Z-Wave that are still popular. Furthermore, if you are a caregiver or an elderly, this compatibility will be particularly handy. You no longer need to unlearn and relearn how to operate your smart devices just because you got a different controller. In fact, you can use this Smart Hub to control hundreds of devices.

Create and Automate Groups using Samsung Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub lets you customize the way you interact with your devices. You can set up your lights to be of a particular color at a specific time of the day. Likewise, you can control your thermostat, refrigerator, air-conditioner and do a lot more. While these may sound like standard features for any smart hub controller, SmartThings gives you scene creation, which is really handy. Imagine a situation where it is bedtime for the elderly and they might forget switching off all lights, dimming the bedroom light, set the thermostat, switch off the television and a number of other chores. With the Samsung SmartThings App, you can create a scene named night. Activating this scene would set all other devices to your preferred mode. As a caregiver, you can either do it yourself or teach the elderly to do it – after all, it just takes a touch!


You can monitor your home from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Your connected devices can alert you on the app whenever there is unusual activity on your premises. The Samsung Smart Hub keeps your home secure while you are away. Additionally, it helps you monitor the elderly when the caregiver is not around.

To conclude, the Samsung Smart Hub is a great addition to smart devices ecosystem. It is easy to set up and operate and works well with a large number of devices and voice assistants available. Whether you are a working couple who spend most of their day outside your house or stay at home and want a centralized control for all your devices, you will find it useful. Even the elderly can operate the Hub on their own. they can switch devices on/off and change their settings through a touch! You can set different Routines like Good Morning, Good Night, etc. to customize the way a group of devices behaves at a particular time of the day.


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