Samsung Smartthings Water Leakage Sensor


Samsung Water Leak Sensor features 24*7 Surveillance again water leak and floods that damage the home and threaten the security of loved ones and the eldery.

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Water leaks are a common occurrence but it is always better to be aware of them. The Samsung water leakage sen

sors take care of all the leaks and intimate the residents in a timely manner. It is a crucial product to have for a caregiver, especially if they are taking care of elderlies.

Samsung Water Leakage Sensor Features:

  • 24*7 Surveillance

If the water leak is not monitored, it is possible that the house will get flooded. This will be a nightmare for any caregiver. It is here that SmartThings water leakage sensors prove to be important. These devices perform round the clock surveillance of the entire house and send out mobile alerts to caregivers on detection of moisture. Knowing that this device is in place will allow the caregivers to have peace of mind.

  • One app control

One important thing to be kept in mind is to have the Samsung SmartHub app installed in your phone. Given this water leak detector can be controlled with the help of a single app along with other Samsung products, it makes controlling the sensors easier. Therefore, wherever you are, you will always be able to keep tabs on the people in the house, especially if you have elderly family members in the house.

smartthings water leakage sensor

  • A light-weight water leakage sensor

Perhaps a crucial feature of this Samsung Smartthings leak sensor is that it is extremely lightweight. Moreover, if there is a situation of flooding in the house, the sensor will keep on working without any glitch. Further, the product works with only the additional pressure from the water. Therefore, they are perfect for basements which witness water flooding in homes pretty often.

An added advantage of this product is temperature sensing. This allows the users to monitor any changes in the temperature caused by the flooding. Given, the above features of the sensors, it is evident it can be a deterrent to water flooding in your house, especially with elderly people living there.


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