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Samsung SmartThings Sensor is more than just a door sensor. It has motion detection, vibration and temperature sensing capabilities that make it an affordable, versatile device.

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Meet the Samsung SmartThings Sensor – your pair of eyes while you are away. SmartThings Motion Sensor is a multi-purpose device that you can use to detect any open and close situation. Are you a caregiver to a person and worry while you are away? Do you want to ensure that the elderly of your house do not step out without you knowing it? Are you looking for a solution to alert you when your near and dear ones get out of bed or move across the hallway? If any of your answers are a yes, you landed at the right page. We have a modern, innovative, IoT (Internet of Things) based solution that will ease all your worries. What’s more – it is super easy to set up and use.

What can you do with SmartThings Motion Sensor?

As mentioned before, you can use this sensor to alert you when a window or a door opens or closes. This use case can be extended to any other object that has an open/close motion such as cabinets, drawers, garage doors, etc. Being a multi-purpose sensor, it can also detect motion and temperature. These features can be used to trigger other activities. For example, you can set up the sensor to adjust the thermostat temperature based on the weather. This is an extremely helpful feature when there are elderly and children at home who are not comfortable with technology. You will find it useful as a caregiver, as you no longer need to monitor your dependents and elders round the clock. SmartThings Sensor can also serve as a burglar alarm when you are away from home.SmartThings motion sensor


The SmartThings Motion Sensor comes with an improved design over its predecessor. As is the case with all modern day electronic devices, it also comes at a better price point compared to the previous edition. It is essentially a two-piece device – a sensor and a magnet. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how many functionalities have been packed into this compact, eye-pleasing package. Whether you use it in your hallway or windows, its elegant design will not spoil the aesthetics of your house.

Setup, Operation, and Maintenance

The setup process is really simple. Just remove the plastic tab labeled “Remove to Pair”. You can now open your SmartThings App and set it up with your Hub. If you are using it on a door, simply set up the bigger unit (sensor) along the closing edge. Additionally, align and fix the smaller unit (magnet) to the frame. When separate, SmartThings Sensor assumes the door (or window or cabinet, etc.) is open. You can trigger a host of actions based on this input – alarms, switching lights on/off, etc. Just ensure that your sensors are within 30 feet of the central hub. If not possible, put ZigBee type repeaters in between for smooth operation. Once your devices are set up, you can play around with them through the Samsung SmartThings App.

As a caregiver, you can simplify the operations even more. There is voice assistant support for those who are not very comfortable with apps. Just set it up with Amazon Alexa and the elderly can operate it without apprehensions.

The device has an in-built battery that will last for months. You can track battery levels through the app so you never run out of them without warning.

Advanced Application of SmartThings Sensor

There are many motion sensors out there in the market. True to its name, this is a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor. We have explained how you can use it to adjust your thermostats and detect motion. However, you can come up with many creative ways of making the most of it, especially by combining it with other smart devices. Here are a few use cases that will get you started:

  • Set up your smart light to switch on, the moment there is motion detected in the hallway. A very helpful situation for the elderly, it will also put off burglars if placed outside.
  • Pair the SmartThings Sensor with your thermostat to automatically adjust according to change in temperature.
  • Place the sensor on a candy jar to keep an eye on your naughty child – even if you’re away at work!
  • Put it in the letterbox and you will know when there is new mail.
  • When you leave home, place the sensor on expensive items like jewelry and get instant alerts in case of tampering or movement.
  • When the elderly enter the bathroom, the smart sensor can trigger a smart-plug, which turns on the geyser. It can be configured to turn off when there is no movement in the bathroom for a pre-defined time.

Our Verdict

In a world where you are squeezed for time, this Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor can simplify many chores. You will be amazed to experience the capabilities that have been packed into this compact device. When it comes to versatility, you are only limited by your imagination in the number of ways you can use it to improve your home. The icing on the cake is that it is very much a DIY device that comes at a really affordable price point. It will work with most of the smart devices you already have, enhancing their utility. So, next time you are worried that your patient with a weak memory might try to step out of the house while you are away, just set this up at your main door and relax!


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