Scotts Gro 7 Zone WiFi Sprinkler/Irrigation Controller

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It was long due for companies to come up with some smart gardening and irrigation devices. Seems like the wait is finally over! Scotts Gro 7 Zone is a wifi sprinkler controller that tailors itself according to the needs of your lawn. It manages your garden for you to see it blooming and all topped up.

The best thing about Gro 7 Zone smart controller is that elderlies find it easy to fulfill their wish of maintaining their lawn themselves without spending heftily on gardeners. Unlike the gardeners, Gro 7 zone Controller never go on leave and stay with your garden at all times. It senses your lawn’s water needs and notifies you.

The elderly folks find it difficult to rush to their lawns to turn the sprinkler on and off. There are often circumstances, they forgot to do so. Gro 7 Zone is the perfect gift for elderlies to have it in their home. This device can not only prevent elderlies from rushing to the lawn at unusual hours. It also helps them in turning the sprinklers on and off from anywhere anytime.

Gro 7 Zone wifi sprinkler helps in growing your plants healthily by monitoring their needs according to realtime local weather data. It alerts you on your smartphone with the help of WiFi.

Scott Gro 7 WiFi Sprinkler Features

  1. Easy installation

No need to call a pro to install it. You need an in-ground irrigation system and replace your old controller with Gro 7 Zone Controller wifi sprinkler to get started.

  1. Compatibility with other devices

Getting notified through Gro Controllers is really easy as it can integrate with various devices. You can download the Gro Connect App on your smartphone and you can also integrate it with Google Home and Alexa and know the needs of your lawn on time.

This wifi sprinkler can control up to 7 zones of your garden, Gro Controller is a hand functioned with WiFi you need it all or gift it to your loved ones.


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