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Don’t we all get disappointed when the plants wither and dry up due to lack of water no matter how hard you try to fulfill their needs on time? With such a busy schedule, we sometimes fall short in watering our plants daily. Similarly, as we need a reminder to keep drinking water, Scotts Gro plant moisture sensor will help in reminding when your plants need water.

The best thing about this smart plant moisture sensor is it will make it super easier for elderlies to look after their favorite plants. It conveniently notifies you when your plants need water with the help of a water sensor that fits in the earthen pots, containers, in-ground gardens or raised beds. Connect the Gro water sensor with Gro Hub to get started.

It is important to have greener and colorful gardens with elderlies at home. The quality of the air around us is deteriorating day by day. In such situations, make an effort in making our little space called home fresh and healthier. With elderlies and kids at home, healthy plants and more greenery is the only key to sustainable living.

Scotts Gro Plant Moisture Sensor Features


Scotts Gro Water sensor is capable of catering to the water needs of more than 50,000 types of plants. It works on a continuous basis and will alert you when your plant needs water.

 Directions to use

The Scotts Gro plant moisture sensor comes with two AAA batteries. You need to insert them into the bottom portion of the sensor. Once done, place the water sensor in your indoor plants or outdoor spaces wherever you wish to use.

This works along with Gro Hub which is to be plugged in indoors or within your Wi-Fi range to get connected.

Finally, install the Gro Connect app in your iOS or Android smartphone and get notifications when your plants need water.

Even elderlies can get notifications on their smartphone. This will remind them when the plants need watering.

Isn’t this a smart way to grow healthier and budding plants around you?


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