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MySmartBlinds Home Automation Kit: A must have for eldercare


Smart blinds is a device that helps you to automate the window coverings.  Its Smart Fit Technology helps in easy installation and it can be controlled using your smartphone in a hassle-free manner.

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Smart blinds have been designed to simplify the automation of window coverings which has proven to be a boon for the caregivers. It was difficult to install the Venetian blinds and other such automated blinds had a high cost prior to this. To a certain extent, the remote control blinds became popular but it was not very smart enough.

With MySmartBlinds, you no more have to rely on the ones that are operated with remote control. All you need is your smartphone to control it. The superior quality of the product can be attributed to the focus on the requirements of consumers. This led to the development of simpler, secure, automated products that can make your home livelier.

The device ensures your complete privacy as well as the amount of light you want through its smart operation at the right time. With this Automaton Kit, you will get a motor box, battery pack, solar panel, manual switch. Along with this, for the various tilt rod shape, you will get rod adapters and can manage the cords using cable clips. It also provides a rubber tubing ends for the tilt blinds

Features of Smart blinds

Let us look at some of the wonderful characteristics of the smart blinds in detail:

1. Built by a team of experts:

The smart blind is the outcome of the dedication and hard work of a lot of people. It involves creative app developers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturing engineers.
The latest technology enables the updates in different features such as privacy, light, and monitoring of security.

2.Use of handcrafted and availability of custom design:

These window coverings, besides being automated, are handcrafted to create a custom design. From the custom design, we mean that, once you provide your window measurements, the perfect fit smart blind will be made which you can control on your palm. This makes consumers’ life much easier.

3. Ease of installation:

This simple device helps every homeowner become smart. It doesn’t require you to wait for installation services. This is because of the SmartFit technology feature of the smart blinds. Anyone can make use of the hardware that comes with for installing the Automation Kit. With the help of video tutorials on installation, you can complete it in a few minutes without requiring any tools.

4. Buy MySmartBlinds with a motor for updates:

Besides this, you do not need to buy a new product to avail the updates if you purchase MySmartBlinds blind with a motor. You can also ensure this through the automation of existing blinds with the Automation Kit.

5. Compatibility with your smartphone

Like the earlier days, you do not have to use a remote for controlling your smart blinds because you can do it with your smartphone itself. It is possible to control the tilts if the horizontal blinds as an when needed.

It supports the Android 5.0, i.e the Marshmallow and newer operating systems as well as iOS 10 and above. You can also use this with Samsung Galaxy S series such as S5, S6, S7, S8 and S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Moto Z, Droid Turbo 2, Google Pixel, Pixel Xl, Pixel 2m Pixel 2XL. iPhone 5 and the newer models also support it.

6.Ease of accessibility:

If you have a smart blind, you can allow any member of your house to operate it using their smartphone. This is because there are no restrictions on the number of the smartphone which you can use to operate it.

Some of the specific operations that MySmartBlinds allow are as follows:

1. Less expenditure on electricity bill:

This device doesn’t consume a lot of power to operate. It has an energy savings mode which makes sure that you can enjoy instant savings in your electricity bills.

2.Controlling the device through the use of voice control feature:

In the smart blinds, Alexa and Google Assistant are enabled which lets you control them using your voice easily. In order to ensure connectivity, MySmartBlinds bridge is needed.

3. Senses changes in the season:

This is the sun-tracking feature of the product which updates the schedules with the alteration in seasons.

4. Inbuilt memory to retain choices:

Once you set your choices and preferences, the device is smart enough to retain them in its inbuilt memory. This enables it to respond correctly at a later point in time.

5. Option for scheduling:

MySmartBuilds has the scheduling option which enables you to set it and leave it. You do not have to worry anymore as it will remember what it has to at what time. This makes things much easier for you when you get busy with your work and do not get time to alter your smart blind.

6.Use of eco-friendly source of energy:

This feature has been incorporated with the view of making the smart blind smart enough to ensure the protection of the environment. It makes use of the easily available solar energy to power. Though it has a battery for its operation, you do not have to worry. Besides this, the app provides updates related to the battery to enhance its efficiency.

7. Hub Connectivity:

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can easily control your smart blind with the help of voice control. The Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant lets to do this. You need to purchase the MySmartBlinds Smart Bridge for this purpose which is sold separately.
In case you do not have a hub, you can make use of the MySmartBlind on its own without a home automation system.

The advantages of operating with the bridge are as follows:
a. Use the home automation hubs sub as Alexa and Google Assistant for integration.
b. You can control it beyond the Bluetooth range.
c. Set the schedule
d. Avail the sun tracking feature.
e. You can switch on your energy savings mode.
f. Get updates for enhancing battery efficiency.

If you do not use the bridge, you can only perform the following set of actions:
a. Set the schedule
b. Use the sun tracking facility
c. Use the energy savings mode
d. Get updates for the batter


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