smart smoke detector
smart smoke detector

Smart smoke detector: Reasons to buy


Nest Protect is a wireless smoke detector that is easy to operate and ensures complete protection of your near and dear ones. It alerts you whenever there is an unexpected smoke or poisonous Carbon Monoxide inside the home, so that you can take timely action to prevent further damage.

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Having a Smart smoke detector in one’s home is a wise decision on the part of the caregiver. It is highly essential when there are seniors or other loved ones in your home. The Nest Protect is a wireless smoke detector that behaves smartly to let you know if there is any harmful smoke in the home. A few years back, it took a long time for the fire to spread than it takes today. Even a little bit of carelessness can cause huge damage within a few minutes. It can even take a toll on the lives of your near and dear ones at home.

According to a study, there are more than 1,000,000 homes every year facing high carbon monoxide levels. Such kind of situations has led to the development of wireless smoke detectors that can save lives as well as prevent damage to smoke detector

The complete redesigning of the smart smoke detector makes it a life-saving device for the users. It will send you an alert to your smartphone so that you can act accordingly. Sending emergency services can be a great step towards rescuing your loved ones in such circumstances.

Mode of operation of the Smart smoke detector:

The Nest Protect thinks before speaking and warns you way before the situation becomes out of control. It uses a friendly voice, resembling that of humans while alerting you. It spots out the danger for you so that you do not have to spend more time figuring it out. Thus you can prevent a huge fire and greater damage by acting instantly.

In case there is smoke in the downstairs but you are sleeping in your bedroom, you can know easily. This is because when one alarm sends alert, others do the same. So even in the bedroom, you will get the warning signal.

Elders may often forget that they have left the toaster on, or brunt the popcorn or any such case. And it is not necessary that you will always be present at home to protect them. Thus, this device plays a major preventive role.

This wireless smoke detector, as its name indicates, do not need any other hardware to operate. The use of Split-Spectrum Sensor in the device enables automatic testing. You can expect it to last for a decade, so it is a value for money investment. With it, you can be a perfect caregiver, ensuring the safety of your beloved ones even while staying away from home.

Features of Smart smoke detector:

Nest Protect is an exceptional wireless smoke detector owing to its unique features. These have been designed to ensure complete convenience in smoke detection to carry out an early action. Here are its features:

1. Silencing the app in case of little smoke:

You can make use of your Nest app to hush the alarm when you know about a harmless smoke at home.

2. Ease of operation from any place:

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can get alerts in your phone through this Nest Protect. This enables everyone to make sure that everything is fine in the home even in their absence. When there is nobody in the house, each member will be alerted.

3. No more chirps like your conventional smoke alarm:

People usually get irritated from the smoke alarm but in case of Nest Protect, it is totally different. Whenever its battery is low, you will get a message alert on your phone to change the batteries.

4.An easy way of doing the safety checkup:

Doing the safety checkup of the alarms is quite easy. Just tap it to test them and get the complete report.

5. No need for password sharing:

This is possible as every family member has their own Nest Account. So each one can use their phone for testing the alarm and hushing them whenever needed. In this way, everyone stays informed.

Procedure to silence a Nest Protect:

In case of a low smoke level, you may need to silent the smart smoke detector alarm. You can press the Nest button to do this. With the help of the Nest app also, you can silence the alarm in a 2nd gen Nest Protect.

But you must know that this is not possible when the smoke level exceeds a certain limit. Every alarm follows this industry rule. In case you are far away from the Nest Protect, you won’t be able to silence the alarm.

It is better to be in the same room or near the Nest Protect to silence it. In general, the Nest Protect doesn’t chirp, but if it does, you need to check and resolve the problem.

Once you get an alert, you can use the App Silence feature to stop the alarm. Then you can rush to address the smoke or CO issue. Make sure that the Nest device is connected to Wi-Fi, your phone’s Bluetooth is on and you are signed in to your Nest App.

Advantages of using a Smart Smoke detector:

There are various reasons why you should use the Nest Protect:

1. It detects the poisonous Carbon Monoxide:

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas but can kill people when inhaled. This wireless smoke detector is efficient enough to detect this deadly gas through its carbon monoxide sensor.

It uses an advanced and improved algorithm for this purpose that makes it reliable. Despite this, concerned persons are working to improve the algorithm further.

2. A thoughtful device:

Generally, a person owning a smart smoke detector needs to test it every month. But most of the people forget to do this. So it has been designed in such a way that, you need not worry if you forget to test it.

The device automatically performs the battery and sensor check for more than 400 times every day. Besides this, every month, the Sound Check silently tests its speaker as well as the horn.

3. Lighting the path:

While walking under the Nest Protect Smart smoke detector, your path gets lit. This is especially useful for elderly members of the home who wake up at midnight for any reason. It prevents them from stumbling on anything on their way by brightening it.

4. It can differentiate smoke from steam:

The Nest Protect is smart enough not to alarm in case of steam. Conventional smoke alarms cause an alarm even during a hot shower. This creates a lot of discomfort and irritation.

Nest Protect makes use of the Steam Check feature and humidity sensor. Its custom algorithm ensures you to enjoy your shower without the intervention of any alarm.

5. It ensures a peaceful sleep at night:

During the night time, after switching off the light, you can find a green glow of Nest Protect. This indicates the successful automatic testing of the product. Thus you do not have to worry about any chirps at midnight for low battery warning.

For the elderly people as well as small kids at home, it is quite difficult to sleep after waking up from any unwanted noise at night. Thus, this feature makes Nest Protect much amiable for the caregivers.

6.Value for money investment for retired persons:

Elderly people who have a fixed income after retirement can invest in this device to stay safe and secure. This prevents them from worrying. If they forgot to switch off anything that can cause smoke and lead to fire, they will be alerted.

Besides this, operating complicated devices is difficult for elders. The Nest Protect is easy to operate as you do not have to put a lot of efforts into learning it. All other family members will stay connected about household safety and take measures before a mishap causes destruction.

Nest Products operating together:

In order to ensure safety, comfort and keep everyone well-informed, Nest products operate together. A changed noticed by one Nest product is communicated to other Nest products. Only active internet connectivity is needed all the time so that you can get the information at the right time.

Make sure that all your Nest products are in the same home in the same account as the products in other home/account will not work together. The way in which various Nest products behave on detecting smoke or carbon monoxide are explained below:

1. Nest Thermostat:

It shows an alert and shuts off the forced air systems. This prevents the spreading of smoke. In case there is carbon monoxide, the heating system which works on fossil fuels are shut off.

2. Nest Camera:

When there’s a smoke or carbon monoxide, the Nest Camera turns on and live streams the scene to the smartphone Nest Protect alert. Even if you have not subscribed to Nest Aware, you can record the emergency clip.

3. Other Nest products:

The emergency alarm sound of the devices helps in knowing whenever there is smoke or Carbon Monoxide.

Nest also produces a  battery-operated smoke detector.


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