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SmartScoop® – The Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box


SmartScoop self-cleaning cat litter box is an affordable pet care option. It helps to relieve the stress that often accompanies careing for a loved-one’s pet especially when the loved one fighting dementia.

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Dementia develops in a new patient every 3 seconds, say stats. Will we ever win the war on this mind-robber? We have every reason to be optimistic. Thanks to groundbreaking technology that aims to ease the life of individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. One promising technology is the self-cleaning cat litter box. An automatic kitty litter box transforms what’s usually an annoying chore into a task the caregivers rarely have to even think about. The reason: SmartScoop® does all the work.

Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box: What is it

Amazingness of Our Pets’s SmartScoop Intelligent Litter Box starts with the fact that it communicates with the user. This self-cleaning litter box isn’t just concerned with removing kitty litter, but with keeping the caregivers posted on cat’s health. The self-cleaning litter box comes with a companion app and lets the users when it detects changes in cat’s bathroom habits or behavior, a key health indicator.

About the Design and Quality

On design-front, this automatic kitty litter box is simple and super easy for both cats and humans to use. This open-top litter box boasts a rectangular shape. Made of premium quality metal, the teal litter box is lightweight and durable. Measuring 27 x 17.2 x 7.8 inches it takes only minimal floor space after placement. It can withstand rough use without wearing out, breaking, or rusting.

Weighing about 12 pounds, it comes with sturdy metal gears and a powerful motor. The motor quietly drives the spinners and facilitates easy operation. As a safety measure, the motor unit stops when there is excessive resistance.smartscoop self scleaning litter box

Key Features

The traditional cat litters aren’t feature-filled. For this one, it comes with built-in infrared sensors to sense when the car enters and exits the litter box. It takes a delay time of 15 minutes before scooping the waste and raking it into the waste receptacle.

Monitoring features make it a reliable kitty litter box for any caregiver. It communicates via Bluetooth to the IntelligentPetLink™ smartphone app and reports,

  • Elimination behavior, frequency, and duration
  • Food and water intake
  • Bag changes required
  • Inventory management
  • Other animals’ presence

Carbon filters present in the waste receptacle ensure instant odor elimination from the cat’s bathroom.

For effective litter containment, this self-cleaning cat litter box uses angled deflector technology featuring raised height and fins.

While many litter boxes experiment with noise reduction, the SmartScoop from OurPets quietly scoops the litter. It produces up to 75 percent less noise.

Another highlight is the modular components that enhance disassembly and cleaning.

Versatility is another advantage this self-cleaning litter box offers. It is suitable for any cat waste, whether heavy clumps or urine. This also eliminates the need for crystal litter or expensive cartridge replacements.

Cleaning and Disposal

Cleaning this automatic kitty litter box is a breeze; it is completely autopilot, apart from emptying the waste bin. After a full tank, all one has to do is remove the tray, detach the bag, and throw it to leave room for a new SmartScoop biodegradable bag. The 6 biodegradable bags should last for a month or so. Also, they are affordable to pricey plastic bags.

Automatic kitty litter box: Installation

A good self-cleaning cat litter box does not mean a lengthy installation just like a Smart Scoop intelligent litter box. It comes with a detachable rake, disposal container, motor, and an easy to read manual. Assemble it

The Bottomline

SmartScoop self-cleaning cat litter box is an affordable pet care option. Along with other products such as automatic pet feeders, and pet drinking fountains, SmartScoop helps to relieve the stress that often accompanies a caregiver’s life especially when a loved one fighting dementia is involved.




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