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SmartThings tracker

SmartThings Tracker: To track all your important things


SmartThings tracker by Samsung is a wonderful device that helps people in tracking and locating important things. This wallet finder prevents them from losing anything that is essential.

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SmartThings tracker by Samsung is a wonderful device that helps caregivers track and locate important things lost by loved-ones. A key finder and wallet tracker, it prevents seniors from losing anything that is essential. Caregivers get it for their loved-ones for use in their homes. It removes stress associated with losing things.wallet finder

Advantages of SmartThings tracker:

You can track almost anything with this product. It acts as a wallet finder also, which generally happens with many of us in day to day life. In such situations, we spend a lot of time searching for it. It can be easily manageable when we have enough leisure time but in the cases when we are short of time, it becomes a serious issue.

Features of SmartThings tracker:

Tracking the important things in the home becomes easy because of the following features of this product:

1. Broader LTE range:

Live tracking is possible with this wallet finder. It has a broad LTE range.

2.Tracking anywhere:

Since this product is LTE based, it is possible to track things indoors as well as outdoors. With the SmartThings app, you can get the tracker’s location at any place within the cellular network’s range.

3. Ease of setting automatic notification alerts:

With this wallet finder, anyone can quite easily set up the automatic notification alert. Seniors can easily operate it. For example, when they are out & about, they can let you know their real-time location through the app.

They can do this just by pressing the power button two times. Even in case of any troubling situation, they can conveniently send you SOS which will enable you to provide them timely help. Caregivers do not have to physically stay with the seniors all the time to protect them from any unfavorable situations. This is all possible because of this.

4. Creating a Geofencing for better protection:

Geofencing is defining a particular area limit within which a care-recipient can be safe. A senior should not cross this area limit, but if this happens, the SmartThings tracker will provide you an alert the moment the care-recipient moves out of the restricted area.

Thus you can take the necessary actions to prevent the occurrence of any unwanted situations. You can even switch on or off the devices that are connected to it.

5. A water-resistant device:

The Samsung SmartThings tracker has an IP68 water resistance rating which ensures its protection from rain, dust or accidental spill of any liquid. So, the person need not worry about the weather condition while using it, especially during the unexpected rains. No matter what weather it is, one can use it confidently and ensure complete safety.

6. Long battery life:

The device comes with a fairly long battery backup which prevents you from charging it frequently. Once you start using it with a full charge, you need not worry for a week. One can completely rely on its Li-ion polymer battery.


It uses WiFi connectivity for operating. You can use the SmartThings app for conveniently using and availing the advantage of this product.

9. Lightweight:

This is not a bulky product and therefore you can carry it anywhere. Its dimensions are 1.7″ x 1.7″ x 0.5″ and it has a weight of 0.05 lbs. So, whenever you are going, you can take it with you without facing any issue.

What do you get with the Samsung SmartThings tracker?

This tracking device comes with a one year service plan. Along with this, there is a 12-month cellular service for which you do not need to pay any extra charges. Once the 12 months are over, the service is available at quite an affordable price of just $5 per month of $50 for the whole year. This FCC-certified device comes with a battery, power adapter, strap, data cable, and OSG.


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