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bellpal smart watch for elderly
smartwatch for elderly

Smartwatch for elderly: A reliable tracking device


BellPal is a smartwatch for the elderly with amazing features. The Swedish engineers have made this GPS watch for Alzheimer’s patients.

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BellPal is a smartwatch for the elderly with amazing features. The Swedish engineers are its manufacturers and the BlueStar SeniorTech has introduced it in the US. This tracking watch for the elderly is a medical alert device that comes with a monitoring subscription. It has Professional Protection Plan and a Friends & Family Plan for the care-providers.bellpal smartwatch for elderly

Various models of BellPall smartwatch for elderly:

This GPS watch for Alzheimer’s patients comes in various elegant designs. Caregivers get to chose the one that best suits the taste and preference of the seniors. These fine models are as described in the following section:

1. Executive model:

It has a white dial with a body made up of stainless steel and a brown leather strap.

2. Noir model:

This model has a black dial with a body made up of stainless steel and a black leather strap.

3.Ocean model:

This model has a blue dial and a stainless steel body with a leather strap of blue color.

4.Pearl model:

It has a mother of pearl dial, the body of stainless steel and a black leather strap.

5. Beach model:

This model comes in a model of pearl dial, the body of rose gold and a black leather strap.

Advantages of BellPal smartwatch for elderly:

The benefits of this tracking watch for elderly which the caregivers can avail for the protection of seniors are enumerated below:

1. 24/7 services:

The users can get help at any time round the clock, which makes it a reliable device for the care-providers.


This product is compatible with iPhones with iOS11 and above as well as Android OS 7.0 and above. It works with Bluetooth version 4.1 and newer versions.

3. Amazing design and features:

It has sensors, artificial intelligence as well as motion detection feature that is controlled through algorithms. This user-friendly product is available in a timeless design.

4.Timely alerts to the care-providers through the Friends and Family Plan:

The caregivers can select the specific set of followers of the user. All these people receive an alert with the user’s location. This will enable all of them to discuss in the app, ways to help the person in trouble. In order to respond, the followers can initiate a call or text the user.

The price a care-provider needs to pay monthly is just $9.95 for this Friends and Family plan. With it, they can ensure all kinds of safety services to the senior or elderly.

6. The Professional Porteicon Plan of BlueStar:

The support agents in the BlueStar SeniorTech’s Response Center are available all the time to respond to the alarms without any location bias. So, the caregivers can rely on such services as these ensure that seniors will remain safe irrespective of the time and location.

The cost of this plan is just $19.95 every month, which is quite affordable as it ensures the complete safety of the elderly. The BlueStar will provide follow up in case of every alert and connects with the emergency services whenever needed.EMS, life, or ambulance are the various emergency services that may be required. The followees will also get updates on a continuous basis.

7. Comfortable to wear:

This stylish smartwatch is quite comfortable to wear owing to its lightweight characteristics. It has a 1.57 inches diameter case which is 0.484 inches thick and weighs just 25 grams.

Features of the smartwatch for elderly:

The features of GPS watches for Alzheimer’s patients, which make it a must-buy product, are explained below:

1. Simple to operate:

It hs a single button that needs to be clicked for sending an alert to the contacts as well as the care provider. This is the manual alternative to the safety system.

2. Amazing look:

The device looks stylish in its various models and doesn’t have an appearance like that of aid at all. It makes the care-providers opt for the device for the elderly, over the other alternatives in the market.

3. Use of Artifical intelligent:

This feature plays a vital role in the constant analysis of the movements of the user.

4. Know the battery percentage:

The user, as well as his followers, can use the app to know the percentage of battery left. Thus, the caregivers can be cautious and replace the battery on time. It prevents the interruption of the services.

5.No installation needed in the smartwatch for elderly:

This tracking watch for the elderly is simple to use and doesn’t need any complex installation process.

6. Fall detection sensors:

Such advanced sensors in the watch know whenever the user falls down and accordingly sends an alert to the care-provider for help.

7. Long-lasting battery:

The battery of this smartwatch doesn’t require any charging as it lasts for 6 months. Thus the caregivers do not have to charge it every day to ensure its functioning.

8. Phone notifications:

Care-providers receive notifications on their cell phones whenever the alarm of the device gets triggered.

9. Bluetooth connectivity:

The BellPal watch and the smartphone connect through Bluetooth.

10. A decent range:

There are a 164 ft of reception range in the open landscape between the watch and smartphone. It is fair enough for establishing a connection.

11.Wear it anywhere:

The users do not have to worry when they are in the shower, swimming or moving out in the rain, as it is waterproof in nature. It can withstand 5ATM pressure underwater. Thus caregivers can rely on its performance irrespective of the environment and weather.


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