smartwatch for seniors
smartwatch for seniors

MobileHelp: a GPS watch for the eldery


MobileHelp offers smartwatch for seniors which saves seniors’ lives through a single touch of a button. This GPS watch for the elderly has amazing looks.

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MobileHelp is a smartwatch for seniors which is a must-buy product for every caregiver. They can use this medical alert watch for seniors to save their lives, as the device provides an alert with a single touch of a button. This GPS watch for the elderly is compliant with FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice’s 21CFR 820 regulation.

How does Smartwatch for seniors work?

Operating the medical alert watch for seniors is quite simple and involves the following steps:

1. The user needs to click the portable emergency button or the pendant. This will send the location information to the MobileHelp Response Centre.

2. A 2-way communication will be established with the user by the Personal Response Associate, to gauge the situation.

3. After this, the caregiver, neighbor or any other relatives of the user is contacted for further help.

Features of the Smartwatch for seniors:

This Medical alert watch for seniors are loaded with the following features:

1. Wearable device:

The GPS watch for the elderly is a wearable device that can be worn all the time just like a wristwatch. Thus, caregivers can ensure timely medical alerts and complete the safety of seniors.

2. The device equipped with activity tracking and sign sensors:

The Medical alert watch has a microphone and speaker. It also comes with an activity tracking facility, important sign sensors as well as the applications that ensure the healthy state of the user.

3.A+ rated the product:

The device manufacturer, i.e MobileHelp is an A+ rated FDA registered company. This rating from Better Business Bureau implies that a caregiver can expect it to be of top quality and get the best services with watch for seniors

4.No more dependency on traditional systems:

The GPS watch for the elderly eliminates the dependency on traditional medical alerts.

5.Wear it anywhere:

It is only subtle but has stylish looks that can be worn in any event, while exercising or even while traveling.

6. Reliable device:

The caregivers can rely on the device as it uses 100% emergency monitoring that is based in the US, from a trustworthy brand. There are highly qualified and well-trained individuals with a certification from the Security Industry Association.

7.Uses and an extensive network of 4G and GPS:

It makes use of the largest 4G networks as well as GPS tracking to ensure the complete protection of the user. Thus, caregivers need not worry even when the elderly are outside.

8.Long battery:

The medical alert watch for seniors comes with a long-lasting battery. With a single charge, it sustains for 2 days.

9. Seek immediate help with the device:

It makes the user feel safe and connected because of the two-way connector that helps in communicating with the emergency operators directly for receiving immediate help.

Advantages of a smartwatch for seniors:

Here are the benefits of this GPS device for the elderly:

1. Samsung Health app in the MobileHelp smartwatch:

The device comes with a pre-installed Samsung Health app which helps the caregivers ensure a healthy and motivated state of the elderly. They can use it for monitoring the heart rate, which prevents the chances of the elderly falling into any kind of risk.

2. Ensure healthy lifestyle at your fingertips:

The option to set target fitness and goals for a proper diet makes it easy for the care providers to ensure a healthy lifestyle of the elderly.

3. Caregivers can track a user’s progress:

The activity summaries are available in an easily readable format, which makes tracking the progress simpler.

4.Weather app in the smartwatch for seniors:

The pre-installed Weather app provides local weather forecasts just with a single touch of a button.

5.Makes the care-providers stress free:

It can significantly reduce the stress of the caregivers as they no more need to stay with the seniors all the time for their safety.

Certifications of Smartwatch for seniors:

Here are the various certifications of the medical alert watch for seniors. The compliance has been validated to all the standards enumerated below in separate laboratories. All these make it a reliable buying option for the care providers to ensure a healthy and safe state of the seniors:

1. Federal Communications Commission certified:

This is the certification that any signal transmitting wireless device over airwaves needs to have. It makes the product legally valid.


Its purpose is to get certified from a third party that the device will not cause any damage to the network. It meets the preset standards by the PTCRB global organization of Mobile Operators

3. UL-1635

This certification makes the product operation safe in the healthcare medical system for generating alerts.

4. UL-1637

It verifies the Emergency call system in the device that enables the user to provide a signal in case of an issue.

5.AT&T Network Certification

This certification lets the device usage in the AT & T network.


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